‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 8

This show loves to torture us — and we love it right back.

The polls are closed, and Bette is celebrating the end of her campaign at a Watch Party at Dana’s. The end of the campaign will also signify the end of the first season of “Generation Q.” So let’s have a recap moment.

Angie comes to her Earth Mother Alice for sex advice, and it’s very cute.

Shane gets a frantic call from Quiara; she miscarries. The fighting between Shane and Quiara has begun again. Shane says she only accepted having a baby so she could be with Quiara and obviously Quiara, who wants to try again for a baby, is upset and storms off, throwing her ring. Shane has some maternal instincts to foster, and foster she does, picking up the cutest dog rifling through trash on the streets.

José paints Micah, and displayed it at his art show. At José’s art show, Micah meets José’s husband. Oops.

Jeff Milner won the mayoral race but offers a Task Force position to Bette to fight the Opioid Crisis. Dani proposes to Sophie that they go to Hawaii and get married after not really processing this huge loss. Sophie is hesitant, obviously, because she is falling for Finley. Dani tells her father about her wedding plan, and he says Sophie is not good enough for Dani, because Sophie’s broken family left her unable to make it through hardships. The irony, of course, is that Sophie has indeed run away when things got hard.

Sophie is now actively pursuing Finley and they have sex at work. When Dani and Sophie cuddle that night, the scene parallels when Tim can smell Marina’s perfume on Jenny. Finley doesn’t want to be a “shitstorm” to Sophie — so she claims — and is trying to do the right thing amidst her confused feelings. Finley shows up at Rebecca’s doorstep. She realizes, in her infinite wisdom, that Finley needs a spiritual guide right now more than anything. She steps into her Minister role and gives her advice about being kind to herself and taking ownership of her mistakes. Finley finally returns the stolen bike and heads to the airport after a hard goodbye to Sophie.

Dani breaks the news to Bette that Milner has deep connections to Big Pharma, and her role on the Task Force would be for show. Angie is so delicately pulling Bette out of her depression nap. They scream a la the silent retreat of seasons past. My heart stopped when I saw Bette dressed for her date with the reporter Maya; she looks so beautiful.

Alice decides that it’s time for her to take a risk as well, so she makes a great Captain speech about ending the show on her terms. Drew does not know who Roxanne Gay is — *eyeroll*. Alice’s show is going well. She is talking to Roxanne Gay about her relationship and how much she wants Nat when Nat unexpectedly shows up and gets on stage, per Sophie’s prompting, and declares she will fight for what she wants.

Sophie is inspired and also heads to the airport. But is she meeting Dani and heading to Hawaii or running to catch Finley before she goes East? We won’t know until next season, but I’ll be screaming “GO TO DANI” until then.

Big Revelations

  • Shane got a stray dog off the street! So cute!!
  • José is full married
  • This show loves to torture us

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