Kristen Stewart Says ‘F*ck You’ To Her Haters

“F*ck you…But I never will!”

“F*ck you,” is Kristen Stewart’s message for anyone who has been hating on her recent Rolling Stone cover.

The actress and gay icon appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about her new movie Love Lies Bleeding, and was informed by Colbert that the network asked him not to show her Rolling Stone cover on air. (In case you missed it, the cover featured Stewart wearing a leather vest and a jockstrap, with her hand inside the jockstrap. Purr.)

Colbert disregarded the network’s request and decided to show the cover, but first, he said, “Now before I show this cover, I just want you to know and the audience to know that I think it’s a perfectly lovely cover. We were asked by CBS not to show it. They thought that would be not a good idea for us to show this, and I don’t know why. Because there’s the cover, right here.”

He went on to say that Stewart looked “better in a jockstrap than I ever did.” He also jokingly read a tweet that accused Rolling Stone of turning “Kristen Stewart into a MAN to push gender ideology on its readers.” (Whatever that means.)

“Well, it’s a little ironic because I feel like I’ve seen a lot of male pubic hair on the cover of things. I’ve seen a lot of hands in pants and unbuttoned…” Stewart quipped. “I think there’s a certain overt acknowledgment of a female sexuality that has its own volition in a way that is annoying for people who are sexist and homophobic.”

Colbert agreed, and suggested that the cover subverted our public expectations of female sexuality, and that is why it was so controversial.

“Yes, because female sexuality isn’t supposed to actually want anything but to be had,” Stewart responded. “And that feels like it’s protruding in a way that might be annoying. But f*ck you…But I never will!” Stewart laughed.

“I think that’s why they’re mad at you,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the clip below.

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