Billie Eilish Teases New Queer Anthem

“I could eat that girl for lunch, yeah she dances on my tongue…”

Billie Eilish‘s newest song ‘Lunch’ is a contender for the next gay song of the summer.

It’s been a major month for new releases from our favorite queer musicians: Charli XCX, Kehlani, Chappell Roan, WILLOW. Now, all attention is turned to Billie as we anxiously await her newest release after she teased the sexy gay lyrics at Coachella.

Hours after taking the Coachella stage alongside Lana Del Rey to perform Ocean Eyes, Billie hosted a Do Lab party. She was seen rocking an oversized jersey, bandana and baggy jeans while getting up close and personal with her rumored partner Odessa A’zion.

At the party, the Grammy winner shared a few bits of her upcoming album Hit Me Hard and Soft. Her song ‘Lunch’ has already caused quite the stir on gay Twitter.

The song doesn’t waste time getting “straight” to the raunchy subject matter.

“I could eat that girl for lunch, yeah she dances on my tongue,” one clip plays. It continues, “Tastes like she might be the one, and I can never get enough, I could buy her so much stuff, it’s a craving, not a crush.”

The 22-year-old came out as queer last year, telling reporters on the red carpet she thought her sexuality was obvious.

Billie also previewed ‘Chihiro’ and ‘L’Amour de ma vie’ at the Coachella party. Her album is set to come out on May 17.


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