2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Courtesy of Sierra Dowd

KIM & SIERRA – Los Angeles, CA
Kim Cantello, Digital Post Production at Ignition Creative
Sierra Dowd, Director of e-commerce at Beautycon Media

Kim and Sierra met at LA Pride three years ago, and there was an instant attraction. It wasn’t until their first date, though, that they realized how strong of a connection they had outside of first impressions.

That connection is what got them through “a series of unfortunate events” in the last few years. “We both experienced tragedies and major life events that forced us to be there for one another on an entirely different level,” Sierra said. “In our three years, we’ve been through more than some couples have in 10 years of marriage.” Going through those tragedies together and coming out stronger “gives us hope for what’s to come and strength to fight through the little things.”

The couple (who say they are “practically married but without the legal recognition”) acknowledge that they look at things differently, but what could be a “make or break” for most couples, they decide to embrace as a “mystery and a challenge.”

“When something is wrong, we talk about it,” Sierra said. And they do so with sensitivity. “That’s the key,” she said. “You can’t always approach a situation the way you would want to be approached, because everyone is different. So we’ve taken the time to talk about our styles of communicating and how we wish to be approached in certain situations.”

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