2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by My Gray of Amy Gray Photography

ADRAEA & LATASHA – Milwaukee, WI
Adraea Maranda Brown, Trademark attorney
Latasha Shanta’ Brown, Registered nurse

Adraea first asked Latasha to be her girlfriend with a ring pop. Luckily, Latasha said “yes,” and the pair was officially engaged on Latasha’s 30th birthday. “The most memorable part of our wedding was seeing each other during our first-look,” Latasha said. “We hadn’t thought about doing a first-look photo session until our amazing photographer, Amy, gave us the idea. It was such a magical moment to spend some time together, get a look at what we each had on, and share a hug and kiss before we were swept up in all the festivity.”

Recently, the couple has struggled to adjust to a new home in Milwaukee. Being separated from family hasn’t been ideal, but the couple has found new ways to connect to community.  “We have grown closer because of it and are slowly meeting new people in Milwaukee and trying to adapt to the LGBT scene here, which is very different than Philadelphia,” Latasha said. “We are hopeful that things will continue to grow in that area, but in the meantime, we always have each other.”

Latasha loves how supportive Adraea is, and Adraea loves Latasha’s compassion and care for those around her. The couple hopes to continue to learn more about each other as their love grows, no matter where they are making their home together.

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