2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Maro Hagopian

DALIA & GOLDIE – Brooklyn, NY
Dalia Moss, Freelance writer/researcher
Goldie Peacock, Drag king

Goldie was celebrating their 30th birthday at the Branded Saloon during a Switch N’ Play drag show when they were taken with one of the audience members. “While dressed as a unicorn, Goldie felt emboldened and compelled to introduce themself to [me],” Dalia said. “And the rest is history. I mean, who doesn’t love unicorns?”

The couple said they are “always on the same wavelength” (“It’s psychic friends’ network in our household, big time”) and though they have no real wedding plans in the near future, they feel like they’ve “definitely spent some past lives together happily married.” Dalia continues, “Ideally we’d have our union profiled in the New York Times Vows section, which Goldie reads religiously.”

Dalia and Goldie say respecting one another and laughing together is an important part of staying happy and in love, but that they have been lucky not to have any real trials. “Our biggest challenge was both initially thinking that our relationship must be too good to be true,” Goldie said, “but we got over that pretty fast.”

“We have too many favorite things about each other,” Dalia said. “Go ahead and roll your eyes—we’re used to it!”

As for the secret to their enviable success, playfulness and ultimate happiness, the couple agreed has a lot to do with mutual respect and having a sense of humor. “We let each other be,” they said. “And we laugh—a lot!” In five years, they hope their relationship is “in the same awesome place it is now.”

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