Lesbian Couples Costumes For You & Your BOO

Why settle for a BFF costume when you can make it truly WLW?

As lesbians, it’s important that we go all out for Gay Christmas aka Halloween. If you are attending a Halloween party, then your costume better be lit. Especially if you are in a relationship. But when searching the interwebs for lesbian couples costume inpso, you’re bound get a long list of besties or frenemies: Velma and Daphne, She-Go and Kim Possible, Dionne and Cher, etc. Yawn. Why settle for a BFF costume when you can make it truly WLW? Here’s a list of lesbian couples costumes that are ACTUALLY couples, so you can spend at least one night not having to explain that you’re a couple and not best friends.

1. Carol and Therese


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The queens of yearning, Carol and Therese, are the quintessential costume for a couple who plans to spend Halloween glancing at each other from across the room. Get a santa hat, green turtleneck, and a black vest for Therese. For Carol, get a faux fur jacket and a melon colored half hat.

2. Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird

This Olympic-level power couple has so much material to work with — you can wear their soccer and basketball jerseys, you can recreate one of their iconic magazine covers, or you can rock one of their swaggy red carpet looks.

3. Scary Spice and Ginger Spice


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Stop right now! If you didn’t know these Spice Girls dated, this news might rock your Spice World. Scary Spice wasn’t seen anywhere without cheetah print and signature hair, and Ginger Spice is most known for her Union Jack Dress. Don’t forget to give it a little zig-a-zig-ahh.

4. Greta and Carson 


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Not only is this A League Of Their Own costume super lesbian, but it’s also available pre-packaged in a Spirit Halloween near you. I know you’re going there anyway, so it’s a win-win.

5. Miranda Hobbes and Che Diaz


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You can love them or hate them, but Miranda Hobbes and Che Diaz are a very recognizable couple. This costume could be serious or ironic, but either way, you’ll capture the attention of gays and Sex and the City fans alike. For Che, it’s all about the hair and iconic Angels Have No Gender But Lots Of Sex shirt. For Miranda, get an ash blonde/grayish wig and pair it with a teal off the shoulder sweater (the original one she wears is the Anthropologie Shelby).

6. Jennifer and Needy

If you’re looking for something a little ~spooky~, dress as Jennifer and Needy from Jennifer’s Body. You can dress as them in the steamy hookup scene or the scary final scene. You can’t go wrong with this sapphic classic.

7. Santana and Brittany


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There’s no pop culture femme-for-femme couple like Santana and Brittany from Glee. Their classic cheerleading costumes are simple and sweet, which makes this an ironically low-maintenance costume despite the dramatic characters themselves.

8. Jessica Betts and Niecy Nash-Betts


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There is no couple more fashionable than Jessica and Niecy. If you want to dress up but still turn a look, this costume is for you and your boo. The Jessica of your pair can suit up while your Niecy can rock a femme coordinated counter-look.

9. Chrishell Stause and G Flip

Dinah Shore headliner G Flip and their wife Chrishell Stause are the perfect couple to dress as for an LHB (long-haired butch) and their high femme gal. Recreate their GLAAD Awards look. For G Flip, think a vest co-ord. For Chrishell, go for a red hot mini dress. You’ll look smokin’.

10. Rue and Jules


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If you’ve always wanted to wear Euphoria-style makeup but never had the opportunity, here is your chance to sparkle. You can copy their graphic liner or recreate their Halloween costumes. Very meta!

11. Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan


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Sam and LiLo are one of the most controversial lesbian couples of all time, which makes them one of the best lesbian couples of all time. Channel Lindsay with a mini vest open over a graphic tank, low rise skinny jeans and smudged eye makeup. Channel Sam with her signature fedora and headphones, a basic oversized tee paired with skinny jeans, and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. No matter how toxic they were or what Lindsay has said about her sexuality since their split, we’ll always have the glimmer of hope they gave us in the early 2000s.

12. Xena and Gabby

Calling all cosplayers and 90s fans! You NEED to dress up as Xena Warrior Princess‘ ground-breaking lesbian couple Xena and Gabby. The costuming is amazing, and you’ll spend the whole night feeling like a GD superhero.

13. Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack) and Ann Walker

In a similar vein, for those who are looking to harken back to an older time this Halloween, how about Anne Lister, aka Gentleman Jack, and Ann Walker? This will definitely require a lot more work than other costumes, but think about how dapper you’ll feel!

14. Willow and Tara


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Willow and Tara served classic 90s looks every episode, so there is plenty to choose from. Plus, they were on Buffy the Vampire Slayer which makes it spooky, right? For Willow, you’ll need red hair and a cottagecore look. For Tara, you’ll need dirty blonde hair and something a with a lot of print.

15. Tara and Pam


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True Blood was a fantasy horror show that made our fantasies come true with Tara and Pam. Tara was a resilient and fiercely independent human-turned-vampire, while Pam was the sharp-witted and pragmatic vampire with a penchant for sarcasm. To create these va-va-voom vampire looks, look for floral oriental dresses and add a corset on top

16. Sook-hee and Hideko


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Sook-hee and Hideko are the gorgeous couple from the lesbian drama that stopped our hearts, The Handmaiden. Dress as theif-turned-maid as Sook-hee in a traditional Korean dress worn by the servants in the film, and dress as heiress Hideko with a posh off-the-shoulder emerald green gown.

Happy Halloween, WLWitches.

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