Video of The Day: Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried Kiss in “Jennifer’s Body”

“But we always share your bed.”

It’s been a tough week, ya’ll. First mercury retrograde is making us all crazy, unfocused, and irrational and THEN our democracy is completely threatened by the FCC killing net neutrality. That’s a lot. And I know you’re probably feeling tired, scared, and anxious. While there’s actions we can and need to take to save our internet, please take a brief moment of self care too. Because you need to care for yourself to be ready to fight, my loves.

And I don’t mean self care with bath bombs (AKA yeast infection waiting to happen) or calming instrumental music or incense (though that is awesome too!). I mean throwing it back to one of the hottest girl-on-girl make-outs of all time. To me, that is the true meaning of self care. So please enjoy this painfully-spine-tinglingly-deliciously-campy-hot-AF kiss shared between bisexual mega babe Megan Fox and beautiful angel Amanda Seyfried in the equally as painfully-spine-tinglingly-deliciously-campy-hot-AF horror movie, “Jennifer’s Body.”

Behold, the things wet dreams are made of:

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