The Trailer For “Disobedience” Is Out And The Lesbian Internet Is Divided

The lez internet is abuzz with excitement and criticism.

Feast your eyes on the trailer for the intense lesbian forbidden romance film starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, Disobedience.

This trailer reminds me a lot of my lesbian dating life — lots of making out against brick walls and losing my weave during sex. But then come all the dramatics and crying and forbidden love and I start to wonder when we will ever get a different plot?

Disobedience tells the story of two Jewish former lovers who are reunited after being separated for years after their initial encounter. One of the women comes home after her father passes away and they are still just as gay as they were before. Except they are in a very strict Jewish community, and being queer is a no-no.

The lesbian internet has been abuzz with both excitement and criticism for Disobedience. Indie Wire gave the film a stunning review: “Sebastián Lelio’s ‘Disobedience’ is a beautiful, fraught, and emotionally nuanced drama that wrestles with hard questions about the tension between the life we’re born into and the one we choose for ourselves.” Pink News calls it “the lesbian film queer women deserve.”

I have to be honest, you guys. I am a little skeptical about yet another forbidden lesbian love drama. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it — there’s so much more to our lives than crisis and drama! Disobedience is adapted from Naomi Alderman’s 2006 novel of the same name and is directed by Sebastián Lelio. It’s disappointing to see yet another lesbian movie directed by a man, however talented Lelio might be. We’ve seen this time and time again– with Blue Is The Warmest Color (which I think is brilliant and beautiful no matter what the haters say), Carol, The Hours, and many more all directed by men. While these films are beautiful, and I’m not usually one to criticize someone just for their personhood if their art is powerful, I really am so over this male gaze sh*t. We luckily got one lesbian film directed by lesbians, Below Her Mouth, and I think we deserve more. BUT I will probably give Disobedience a chance because I am a sucker for art — and women making out, and this movie, judging by its glowing reviews, might be different. Here’s hoping for a happy ending.

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