Video Of The Day: This Lesbian Engagement Video Will Make You Cry Rainbow Tears

Love is raw and vulnerable.

Photo by YouTube

You know when you watch those lesbian engagement videos and the whole thing just seems far to *perfect* to be but a semblance real? Like the two women are strutting down a white-sandy beach and the sun is perfectly setting and the sky is a deep violet-pink and soft ocean waves are gently crashing in the soft-lit background? When suddenly a girl clad in white linen gets down on one knee as a live orchestra begins to play a string rendition of “Closer To Fine” by the Indigo Girls and a girl clad in a white sundress starts weeping and the next thing you know both of their wildly supportive families pop out of nowhere and everyone starts hugging and weeping and their mascara doesn’t even smudge in the slightest?

Yeah, those videos are the lesbian equivalent of the delusional Disney movie. That’s not how it really happens, babes (at least most of the time, it doesn’t work quite so seamlessly. Emotional moments are rarely composed). My fiancée proposed to me and lost her words halfway through and I began to make this high-pitched squealing sound and then I started weeping so hard that I forgot to say yes and I forgot to even look at the ring because I was so bewildered and excited and emotional. My friend T* tripped and fell over before she said yes when her girlfriend proposed, because she was so shaken and excited and that she couldn’t form words. My other friend S* was nervous she forgot to utter the words “will you marry me?” She just got down on her knees, dumbfounded and presented a ring because she forgot how to speak!

Those, my sweet little lesbians, are real moments. And I happen to think that they’re the most beautiful moments of all because they expose what love really looks like. They are examples of two women being totally thrown and off-guard and vulnerable. At what makes two women feel more thrown and off-guard and vulnerable then love, babe? Nothing!

“I wish real moments like this were captured on YouTube” more often, I thought to myself the other day. So today, I decided to take a little looksie. I did a deep-dive into the interweb and found this adorable, *real* video of a lesbian engagement. These two precious young things took a trip to New Orleans when one proposed to the other and it’s such a stellar, raw moment. You can tell that they’re nervous, shocked and then hysterically happy. Their reactions are wildly authentic and I cried at my desk whilst watching this.

And lucky for you little lezzies, I pulled the video, embedded it into WordPress and made it our VIDEO OF THE DAY! Now tell us your engagement stories/fantasies in the comments!

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