Staten Island To Host LGBTQ+ Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The luck of the Irish!

For years, the Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day parade has denied groups like The Pride Center of Staten Island and the Gay Officers Action League and has also banned Pride flags. But this year, there is a new, more inclusive parade in town.

In the past, LGBTQ+ New Yorkers were allowed to participate in the parade, but they were not allowed to carry their own banners. In fact, the 2022 parade application stated, “THE PARADE IS NOT TO BE USED FOR AND WILL NOT ALLOW POLITICAL OR SEXUAL IDENTIFICATION AGENDAS TO BE PROMOTED.”

So, instead of forcing the original parade organizers to include LGBTQ+ groups, Mayor Eric Adams authorized the organization of a second parade. “For years, I’ve pushed and talked about being inclusive during the parade,” he told CBS News.

Because of the restrictions on LGBTQ+ groups, many Staten Islanders have boycotted the parade.

“My school has not marched in the parade for the last five years as a choice that the students made, but this year, I can’t wait to go back to work on Monday and tell the kids that we’re able to march in this parade,” said Andrew Greenfield, principal of Port Richmond High School.

One of the organizers of the new parade is Kim Beckett, a member of of the Business Improvement District and the owner of a local restaurant, Burrito Bar.

“There’s a little nerves because we don’t wanna step on anyone’s toes and that’s not the reason why we’re doing it. It’s just we want to have a celebration,” she said.

“If someone wants to march and they’re gay, as long as they’re wearing green that day, I really don’t care,” said one Staten Islander.

The original parade will take place on March 2nd, while the new parade will happen on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th. It will follow a similar but shorter route starting on Hart Avenue and ending on Broadway.

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