Saltburn‘s Barry Keoghan Is A Lesbian Heartthrob


Move over Hozier. There’s a new man in town.

Have you ever lusted after a hot masc lesbian in line at the coffee shop, only to realize she is actually just a very stylish European man? Of course you have. Take that experience and multiply it by a thousand and you have what happened on the red carpet last night: droves of internet lesbians thirsting after the hot butch at the Golden Globes Barry Keoghan in Louis Vuitton.

Keoghan had already been on the collective brain of the lesbian community after his performance in the ever-polarizing film Saltburn. Many straight people were bewildered by the “vampire” scene where Keoghan’s character performs oral sex on a woman who has her period. Straights were like, ew! and lesbians were like, that was me last Tuesday *yawn.*

@__callmejo___ That period scene was kind of hot ngl. 🤭 Can u tell I loved Saltburn? #t4t #hethey #saltburn #saltburn #barrykeoghan #transmasc #queer #oliversaltburn #saltburnvampirescene #barrykeoghanedits ♬ original sound – Classic Tunes 02

Keoghan captured our minds and hearts again last night as the 31-year-old star, who earned a nod in the Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category, looked dapper as ever on the red carpet. He sported a Louis Vuitton look: a red wool evening jacket in heritage Damier, red trousers and white shirt from the Spring-Summer 2024 collection. He topped the look off with a golden belt chain, pearl necklace and Tiffany & Co. earrings. Swag.

Twitter users didn’t hesitate to point out that he looked like a hot lesbian. “He’s about to ruin someone’s life on the ultimatum: queer love,” wrote one user.

Another user suggested he looked like a lesbian in a boy band.

Keoghan, you might’ve just accidentally became a straight male lesbian icon. If you need help coping, consult Hozier.

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