Lesbian Couple Featured In David’s Bridal Ad For First Time

“We value every type of bride.”

David’s Bridal, perhaps the best-known wedding wear vendor in the country, is starting a new chapter focused on different types of folks who get married, including queer couples. While often seen as a more traditional wedding dress source, David’s Bridal officially released a new commercial, “Rewrite The Rules,” that features different types of brides—including a lesbian couple—who might find just the dress they’re looking for.

The 30-second spot, which will play both on TV and online, features a lesbian couple in wedding dresses dancing at their well-attended wedding, as well as an interracial couple and a couple who is getting married while holding a baby. This ad comes at a time when wedding tastes are more diverse than ever.

“We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today,” said the David’s Bridal advertising team. “We value every type of bride.”

In the past, David’s Bridal ads showcased the dresses and the shopping experience, as opposed to the individual lives of brides who may be shopping there.

Since 2013, when marriage equality became the law of the land, the wedding industry has seen a huge boost from same-sex couples. David’s Bridal may be trying to bring in more lesbian customers in order to help boost its own financial situation, as the company recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Regardless of the company’s financial situation, however, it is clear that more diversity in the wedding industry is a great win for the LGBTQ community.

Other companies, such as Tiffany & Co, Wells Fargo, and Zales have also featured same-sex couples in their advertisements. Still, the reality is that seeing lesbian love in most advertising is a rare occurrence. Keep your eye out, though. You can expect to start seeing the David’s Bridal ad on TV and on digital media this month.

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