Kim Kardashian Goes Butch For New Photoshoot

Kim, you’re looking very Shane today.

Kim Kardashian is looking very Shane today.


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Nadia Lee Cohen, photographer and overall it girl, has once again teamed up with Kim Kardashian to create magic. This time, she transformed Kimmy into a chain smoking, wife beater wearing butch for issue 23 of CR Fashion Book.

Lee Cohen’s resume is enough to make any pop culture aficionado drool. She has photographed Zendaya, Gigi Hadid, a digitally-reimagined Marilyn Monroe, and many more celebrities. She’s also modeled for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty label, directed music videos for A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator, is a face of Schiaparelli, created a short film for fashion house Maison Margiela and has worked with Kim Kardashian on multiple boundary-pushing projects.

For the September 2022 issue of Interview Mag, Lee Cohen shot a photo of Kim bearing her buttocks in denim. When asked about the shoot, Kim said: “Working with Nadia Lee [Cohen]—we just vibe so well when we shoot together. She’s the first photographer that I’ve really gone full force with.”

“Kim is really sweet, very kind and easy to work with,” Lee Cohen said of the shoot. “She didn’t even want to see the pictures, she was happy with whatever was going on which I was really surprised at. […] She knows how to work her body; she knows her angles and how to stand. Because she’s been photographed so much, she knows. And she’s gorgeous so you can’t really take a bad photo of her.”

The photographer and muse showed how well they work together, and just how “full force” Kim can go with their most recent work for issue 23 of CR Fashion Book. In the photos, Kim sports a buzz cut and a wife beater AKA the official butch uniform. To really send the femmes who never got over early 2000s Shane, Kim smokes a cigarette and wears glasses. And we can’t forget the pencil thin eyebrows.

Whether or not Lee Cohen and Kim are aware of The L Word parallels remains unclear.

In the interview accompanying the photos, Kim said spoke with fashion icon Carine Roitfeld.

When asked what an icon is, Kim said, “an icon to me is someone who fights for what they want and goes after their dreams and makes them happen. Someone who is so unapologetically themselves but maintains the kindness and warmth I connect to.”

From L Word fans everywhere: thank you Kim.

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