Horoscopes For Queer Women: April Showers Bring Out Your Superpowers

April brings bold energy that asks us to kick people-pleasing and passive-aggressiveness to the curb. Ask for what you want, and clearly state what you need.

Aries season is here! Along with bringing warmer weather, April brings bold energy that asks us to kick people-pleasing and passive-aggressiveness to the curb. Ask for what you want, and clearly state what you need. The new moon is in Aries on April 11th, which marks new beginnings, fresh starts, and the chance to work with the Universe and go after your biggest dreams and desires. Venus enters sensual Taurus on the 14th, which is a great opportunity to indulge in love, sex, ice cream and the finer things in life. On the 16th, the sun squares off with Pluto, so beware of inflated egos and head-clashing. When the Venus-Uranus conjunction takes place on the 22nd, your relationships may feel a little (or a lot) shaky. Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd, which may leave you feeling a bit hesitant about making changes. Work past the resistance and instead embrace the process of being a go-getter who chases their dreams.


It’s your birthday season, Aries, and there’s so much to celebrate. After a period of feeling quiet and introspective, it’s time to jump in feet first on the goals you’ve set for yourself. You’ll feel empowered and eager to share your thoughts and dreams with others around you. Be careful not to overshare or make promises you can’t keep. The new moon on the 11th gives you a chance to take a break, step back and think before you act. Being passive and introspective rather than taking action may not be your strong suit, but give yourself the opportunity to be still and listen to your thoughts before jumping into your next move.


When Venus moves into your sign on the 14th, you’ll feel even more drawn to being cozy, comfortable and well-fed. You may find yourself feeling more flirty, or longing for a romantic date with your love. This month is yours to pamper yourself, and take care of any self-care appointments you may have been putting off: Visit the dentist, get your eyes checked and yes, go for that pedicure. If there’s anything that’s been sitting on the tip of your tongue for months, an opportunity to share your voice and ideas is on the horizon in the later part of the month.


You’ll kick April off feeling more confident than ever. As Mars makes its way through your sign this month, you may also feel more confrontational than usual. Some people may see your self-assertion as motivational and inspiring, while others will take it as an invitation to be combative. Don’t engage in meaningless arguments — they’re not worth your time and energy. As the month winds down, you’ll want to direct your thoughts on your long-term goals. Think about money in particular — it may be hard to see beyond your current situation, but consider the relationship you have with money and how you’d like to improve it over the coming weeks.


You may find yourself focusing on your career and future work goals more this month, Cancer. Take some time on the 11th when the new moon is in Aries to ask yourself where you want to go next. If you feel like you’re in a rut, use the new moon as an opportunity to invite new opportunities into your career. What skills do you have that come easily to you? It’s easy to take those things for granted, but they’re assets. Consider what they truly are — skills others may benefit from, and consider how you can use your gifts to your advantage. On the 23rd, Mars moves into your sign, which gives you the boost you need to ask for what you want and require. Though you are likely conflict-averse, this is your time to address problems head-on. Try to choose direct honesty over passive aggression in your communications and when you’re asking for what you want.


You may feel a bit “stuck in your head” this month, as complex, pie-in-the-sky ideas are floating into your consciousness. See the world as a whole — and your life — from a zoomed-out lens. This will make it easier for you to separate any problems that come up, and figure out how to work with them to resolve issues. By mid-month when Mercury moves on, your career may be super-charged. Don’t forget to consider what your thoughts earlier in the month taught you — you can apply these learnings to make bigger earnings. The full moon on the 26th moves through the part of your chart that focuses on the home. Take some time to be present at home while the sun is in your career house. Figure out how to strike a balance between your personal and professional life. At the end of the month, take a day to focus on quality time with your loved ones, whether they’re in your home or friends who live afar.


You’ll spend a lot of time thinking things over this month, Virgo (though you often do!). When Mercury moves into Aries on the 3rd, take some time to do some mental “spring cleaning” and clear out the backlog of worries and concerns you have about life. Try not to let yourself get into a worry spiral. Instead, see each issue for what it is, come up with a plan to deal with it, and move on without regret. As Mercury shifts gears on the 19th, it’s time to look outside of yourself for answers. The first half of the month is about solo thoughts and considerations, but the second half will show you how open you are to help from others. What are you willing to accept from friends, family and coworkers to help take some of the load off of your shoulders? Don’t let stubbornness or “my way is the highway” hold you back from accepting the wisdom and help of others. Remember: With some risk comes rewards.


Though relationships are often your focus, it’s in your best interest to focus on your closest relationships this month, including the ones that are sorta-close-but-not-really-yet. If you aren’t sure who to focus your attention on, you’ll have a better idea around the 14th when Venus moves into Taurus. An unexpected moment (e.g., an unexpected text from your new love interest) may be the sign you need to spend more time with that person. The theme of intimacy and attention continues through the whole month. You’ll feel more introspective as the month goes on, and while it isn’t your typical style, going within and not looking externally for validation is what’s most important now.


Self-care was the name of the game last month, and that continues for much of April for you too, Scorpio. Consider how tending to your needs can actually feel good, rather than how it often feels like a chore. Keep an eye out and open your heart to unexpected moments of joy and inner peace. Think about how you can make yourself happy as you go through your day-to-day life. It may often feel like a slog, but if you can find moments of joy every day, you’ll be better off for it and will be better equipped to care for others when they need it, too. When Taurus season kicks off on the 19th, this is your opportunity to focus your thoughts and energies on your most important friendships and partnerships, particularly those who you may have neglected a little in previous months. Part of the work you’re being called to do this month is working out which of your relationships have run their course, and which could thrive with a little more TLC.


You’ll feel the “spring fever” this month, Sagittarius, with an itch to get out and about. Chase the feeling of feeling great, and do the activities that bring you the most joy and energy. The new moon on the 11th will bring some clarity on what you need to do in order to feel creatively happy and emotionally satisfied, particularly in the weeks to come. By mid-month, feeling “good” will take a back seat to “good enough” when the sun moves into Taurus. This is your chance to rest, enjoy good food, and take it easy. Consider what things — and people — in your life may make you feel good at the moment, but end up sucking up too much of your physical and mental energy in the long-run. It’s okay to say ‘goodbye’ to what is no longer serving you. This will create the space needed in order to invite new energy and people into your life.


You’ll be focused on domestic matters as the month kicks off, Capricorn. This is a great time to get the new couch you’ve been eyeing, fix up your garden, or throw out the clothes you know you’ll never wear again but can’t seem to part with. These tasks may be physical, but they’ll allow you to clean-out emotionally, too. The new moon on the 11th will shine a light on family matters that may have previously been in the dark or muddied waters. Whatever is on your shoulders in regards to your home life will take over your focus during this time. Don’t forget to give yourself a little break. By the time the sun moves into Taurus on the 19th, it’s time to log off all of your devices, put the work down, and take a well-earned break. Find a hobby you haven’t engaged in a while, or pick up a new one. Focus on adding fun to your life, rather than just work.


This month may feel a little frenzied for you, dear Aquarius. It won’t necessarily be the “big” things that keep you busy, but rather little things — like the phone call you’ve been putting off or the annual doctor appointment you can’t delay any longer. And although your independent nature usually prevents you from asking for help, you may have no other option right now. Give yourself the opportunity to ask for some assistance and be a little vulnerable. There are people in your life you can ask; remember who you’ve shown up for in the past and ask them. When Taurus season begins on the 19th, you’ll feel a calling to spend some time alone. Pick up your journal and write out your thoughts and worries. Consider burning them and letting them go when the full moon comes on the 26th. Your career will be the focus toward the end of the month, and some good news in regards to a salary boost or promotion may come your way.


Though thinking about the practical side of money isn’t your favorite thing to do, dreamy Pisces, the planets and stars are aligned asking you to do exactly that this month. It’s time to find some financial balance and security. Don’t panic or let feelings overwhelm you. Instead, use the new moon on the 11th as your chance to hone in on what financial safety and stability would feel like for you, and make a plan to determine how to get there. Don’t rush yourself — we can’t fix money issues or boost our savings overnight. Be patient and gentle with yourself like you do everyone else. The full moon on the 26th will bring with it some lessons on your inherent value, money be damned. Use that energy to focus on your creativity, creating art and love and joy for the sake of it, rather than for earnings. Invest in yourself by giving yourself the time to find a creative outlet you truly enjoy and let loose.

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