Horoscopes For Queer Women: November Is For Taking Risks & Saying ‘Yes’

Jupiter turns direct on November 23 after a nearly 4-month retrograde, bringing us abundance, optimism and prosperity in the weeks ahead.

October was intense, and November promises an even bumpier ride. We’re deep into Scorpio season, and the stars continue to shine a light on our individual and collective shadow sides. Over the next few weeks you may feel inclined to delve into your deepest desires and acknowledge your darkest thoughts to figure out how to live the life you want. Don’t rush, though — be sure to carve out time to sip on some hot cider, enjoy the fall foliage, and catch up on rest.

November 8 brought a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus — and election day in the USA. Sudden changes, shocking revelations, and even a revolution are all possibilities around this time. The eclipse may prompt a yearning for deeper, more intimate conversations and spaces with loved ones. Don’t be surprised if you feel inclined to reassess your personal goals and take your dreams in a totally different direction this month.

Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius on November 16 and 17, and the sun follows suit on the 22. This brings more hopeful, energetic and positive energy into play. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 23 pushes you to take risks, say ‘yes’ to adventure and give yourself permission to pursue the things that make you feel most alive. Jupiter turns direct on November 23 after a nearly 4-month retrograde, bringing us abundance, optimism and prosperity in the weeks ahead. This will be the perfect time to write out your intentions to manifest money, the perfect job, happy relationships and healthy boundaries with others.

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November may feel heavy at first, Aries, but the intensity will fade as the month wears on. The lunar eclipse on the 8th is the perfect time to take a good look at your finances. A financial boon could come your way mid-month, giving you the opportunity to breathe a little more easily. Before you run out and spend all of your cash, remind yourself to save some for the months ahead. Initiate conversations about money with anyone you share resources with to make sure you’re on the same page. Revelations in your personal and professional relationships are expected this month. Resist the temptation to run away from problems and instead face your fears and throw away any self-doubt you have. When the sun finally enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, you’ll be feeling much lighter and hopeful about the future.


Unexpected conversations and revelations are on the menu this month, Taurus. The lunar eclipse on the 8th gives you the chance you’ve been waiting for to form a more intimate, soulful connection with the person who has your heart. Be mindful of any potential insecurities or jealousies that are liable to rear their ugly heads by mid-month. This is your opportunity to let go of past hurts and evolve into a wiser, healed version of yourself. You’ll feel better about yourself if you respond maturely and don’t lash out or shut down when you’re frustrated or feel unheard. This is key to maintaining a solid foundation in any relationship or friendship. The key this month is to really think about things before you act. Reflect on what compromise truly means, and know that by putting in the hard work now, your future self will benefit.


You may find yourself evaluating your daily routine and the more mundane parts of life, Gemini. Whether you love your current routine or feel stuck, the lunar eclipse on the 8th encourages you to take a step back and break free from any thought patterns or habits that are keeping you stagnant and holding you back from pursuing what you truly desire. By mid-month you’ll be surrounded by the love and support of your most treasured peers and loved ones, giving you the boost you need to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Jupiter stations in your career zone on the 23rd, the same day as the new moon, making it the perfect time to manifest that dream job. Take that leap of faith and trust in yourself — just be sure to have a solid plan in place before you do.


You’re a natural nurturer, Cancer, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need love and care from others, too. It’s normal to feel insecure and afraid to let your guard down, but the whole “I’ve got this and can handle it on my own” way of thinking can only work for so long. This month calls for authenticity, so don’t be afraid to let people know who you really are and what you truly need. The lunar eclipse on the 8th is the perfect time to liberate yourself from the people, communities and social constructs that make you feel like you need to hide who you are. Be genuine, honest and true to yourself and the right people will find you. By the time the sun enters Sagittarius at the end of the month, you may have a whole new perspective on life and the world. But first, you’ve got to be willing to come out of your protective shell.


Are the ways you’re showing up in the world a reflection of who you truly are? This month’s lunar eclipse on November 8 is about to shake things up for you, Leo, and it’s likely to be centered around your reputation and career. A strong inner foundation is the key. Don’t put pressure on yourself to appear perfect or worry about how you’re perceived by others. You know who you are and you know you’ve got the strength to endure and show up for yourself. This is your opportunity to call on your creative side and use your artistry in a professional capacity. Embrace what makes you happy and lean into your passions to see your dreams come true. By the time the sun enters Sagittarius, you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel and be ready to enjoy the holiday festivities ahead.


This month’s theme is about perspective, Virgo. Your past experiences, whether they have been full of pain, trauma or simply conditioning from society, may have clouded your perception of certain aspects of life, but now’s the time to step outside of the box and start fresh with a new perspective. You’re known for giving constructive criticism, but your desire for perfectionism doesn’t affect anyone as much as it does you. Reflect on how your environment (and the people in your life) informs your belief system, goals, and values. Not everything and everyone you know is good for your overall well being, which will be more apparent now than ever before. By the time the sun moves into Sagittarius, you’ll have a better idea of who is worth staying in your life and who’s gotta go to make room for people who align better with who you are and where you want to be.


Shared resources and mutually beneficial partnerships have been a steady theme all year, Libra, and this month is no different. As three planets move into your house of stability, you are being invited to step into your power in your professional and personal life. Your energy and attention are sacred and important, so be mindful of who you’re sharing them with. If someone you’re in partnership with is telling you one thing and your intuition is telling you another, listen to your intuition. Don’t take things too personally if people are poking at your vulnerabilities and insecurities. Know that what they say is more a reflection of them than it is you. On a positive note, you’ll have a renewed sense of generosity and kindness in your life by the time the sun moves into Sagittarius. Use this to fuel your actions as you make your moves to meet your goals.


You’re known for your quiet intensity, Scorpio, and your mysterious vibe is alluring to many. The lunar eclipse on the 8th falls in your relationship sector, reminding you that what goes around comes around and we reap what we sow. You may need to leave something — or someone — behind this month, as people who have committed injustices in your inner orbit are finally getting the karma they created. Remind yourself that it is you and you alone who is responsible for your inner foundation, and new beginnings often begin with the rug being pulled out from under us. Don’t sacrifice your own peace to keep someone else comfortable. When the sun enters Sagittarius at the end of the month, you’ll feel like you’re getting your power back. Self-care and time devoted to yourself are both necessary to prepare you for big leaps forward in the months ahead.


The month starts off a little rocky, Sagittarius, but it’s up to you to make life what you want and need it to be. The lunar eclipse on the 8th pushes you to clean up your daily schedule and focus on your health. By mid-month, consider how acts of service to others contribute not only to your community, but can remind you of the many gifts you have to offer the world. Consider how your sense of belonging in the world sometimes pushes against your individual freedom, and work out a way to both belong and feel free. If you’ve been over-extending yourself, take a break from the daily slog. What patterns and habits can you let go of in order to follow your passions? A new beginning awaits, but it’s up to you to create the life you want. This is the perfect time to focus on what kind of life you want to live. Remember to look forward, not to the past, and open your heart to following your passions.


You are the company you keep, Capricorn, but when you change, the people around you need to, too. This month highlights the darker sides of your social life and the circles you’re in. You have unique abilities and leadership qualities that you need to share with the rest of the world, but some unexpected changes may need to shake things up a bit before you can really let your talents shine. The lunar eclipse on the 8th is a good time to consider how you repress yourself for the sake of keeping the peace with your network. By the end of the month, a new door opens relating to romance or a passion project. Before you make any rash decisions, talk about your situation openly with a trusted friend or mentor and truly listen to what they have to say. You’re often right, but an outside perspective is what’s needed at this time.


So much has been happening in your domestic and personal life, Aquarius, and the lunar eclipse on the 8th brings things full circle. Think back to what happened to you around the solar eclipse in April of this year. You were likely renovating something, changing up your career or rebuilding your inner foundation. Now, you’re finally ready to take what you built and do things on your own, breaking free of the generational trauma and outdated belief systems that keep you from living your best life. By mid-month you may be presented with a new opportunity that either lets you advance to a higher level than expected, or guides you to a new community project. You’ve got some great ideas of how people can support the most vulnerable among us, and this is your chance to see how much being in service to others enriches your life, too.


“Oh the times, they are a’changin,’” Pisces, and this month an unexpected change in your close circle is placed at your feet. It may make you feel a bit off-center for a while, but this change is for the better. The lunar eclipse on the 8th is in your house of communication, which may shift the dynamic of your closest relationships and inner circle. This coupled with revelations that shift your perspective on your life’s values and relationships will take your self-awareness and ability to love to new heights. This month’s shifts are all positive, even though change can be hard. Remember to stay open to what comes your way and get ready for your life and career to expand in ways you hadn’t previously considered. Your confidence will be soaring by the end of the month, and you’ll have lots to celebrate. Soak up the joy, you deserve it.

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