2017 Couples We Love, Part 1

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life. Check the April issue for Part 2.

Aisha Bickford and Christine Perez

Aisha Bickford, Associate Director of Account and Operations at J3 Global, UM
Christine Perez, Executive Operations Assistant

Aisha and Christine met when they both joined match.com on the very same day. “Little did we know, we would be engaged by the very same time the following year,” Aisha said.

Fresh out of long-term relationships, both women weren’t expecting to meet their significant other so soon.  “It was difficult at times to open up and let go in a new relationship when you are still closing the door on your past,” Aisha said. “We both strongly believe that everything is meant to be, and we were able to help each other heal from the past while supporting each other in our new relationship.”

Newly engaged as of this past Christmas Eve, Aisha and Christine are planning “an intimate beach destination wedding” and hope to have children in the not so distant future. “I still want our relationship to be as passionate in five years as it is today,” Aisha said. “I don’t know if we will have a family by then or not, but I hope we’ll be happy with whatever decision we make.”

The couple credits their gratitude for one another and not taking each other for granted as being the key to their longevity and happiness.

“Before I met Christine, I never believed that someone like her existed. I didn’t believe that this type of love I feel and receive every day was real,” Aisha said. “I’m blessed to have such an amazing best friend and partner, and I cannot wait to one day call her my wife.”

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