2017 Couples We Love, Part 1

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life. Check the April issue for Part 2.

Rhonda and Monica Bonneville | Photo: David N. Sachs 

RHONDA & MONICA – Emeryville, CA
Rhonda Bonneville, Head of Content at Lumity Inc.
Monica Bonneville, Partnership Manager at MT Productions

Newlyweds Rhonda and Monica first laid eyes on each other at San Diego’s Gossip Grill in 2012. “We met through mutual friends at Wednesday’s all-night happy hour,” Monica said. “[I] was wing-manned into being invited to Rhonda’s house party that Saturday.”

Rhonda said she was attracted to Monica’s “genuine kindness and selflessness,” adding, “She has so much patience and genuine care for everyone.”

Meanwhile Monica finds her new wife to be “the most fascinating, passionate and stimulating person I know.”

“She knows who she is, makes no apologies for striving to be the best, and I’m inspired by her every day,” Monica said. “She is my perfect balance.”

Their favorite part of their recent winter wedding were the speeches from their fathers and wedding party, and their next adventure is to become “comfortably content in the domesticity of parental life.”

“We’re drawn to cultural pursuits and travel, however, we most look forward to the pure joy in mommy-and-me swim lessons or having our little ones quietly sneak into mama’s office so we can chase them around the house,” Monica said. “After all, love and family are everything.”

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