20 Celesbians Ranked by Their BDE

We’ve redefined BDE and made it gay.

This past June, Twitter collectively lost their minds over Ariana Grande’s babe Pete Davidson’s ~vibes~. Thus, the Twitter-verse coined Big Dick Energy (BDE). That previously unidentifiable charm hot lesbians possess is called BDE.

Do you ever see a hot lez at the end of the bar and immediately feel your pussy flutter? It’s not because of the way she looks, the way she talks — or even the way she dresses — but because of her ~vibe~. The way she carries herself. The confident charisma she emits. The effortless swag she radiates. That, my babes, now has a name.

Of course, this got me thinking nonstop about BDE and all the sexy AF lesbian, queer, and bi women who obtain such an energy. The ones that have Big Dyke Energy, if you will (I believe it was @godimsuchadyke from whom I first heard this spin-off). It literally oozes from their core, the way they walk, the look in their eyes — it’s like this hot ~come hither~ energy that makes your nipples tingle. Don’t lie — no lez is immune to BDE.

Even as you’re reading this, your mind is creating a running tally of all the BDE babes in your life. The girl you saw on the subway this morning that had you fantasizing on your way to work. Your favorite local lesbian bartender. The girl who eye-f*cked you at the bar last Friday. And, of course, these 20 celesbians who are constantly giving us BDE in everything they do.

This list is curated and intentionally ranked by the level of BDE said celesbians carry with them. Who would top your BDE crush list?

20. Lena Waithe

Photo by Instagram

Lena’s BDE is about more than her sexy swag and stunning looks — it’s the ways in which she advocates for the queer and trans community that has us swooning.

19. Tegan Quin

I know, I know — we didn’t put down both of the Quin twins. Hear me out. Tegan just has that smirk and that sexy rock’n’roll vibe that gets my pussy all aflutter.

18. Rachel Maddow

Photo by MSNBC

I want Rachel Maddow to daddy me, therefore she has BDE. Exhibit A: her unabashed presence. B: Her dykey haircut. C: Her refusal to back down in an argument. D: Her general badassery.

17. Cara Delevingne

Cara has undercover BDE — the kind that takes you by surprise and turns you TF on. You might see a photo of Cara and expect a docile, gentle babe, but the way she walks and talks screams Big. Dyke. Energy.

16. Kate Moennig 

Photo by Shutterstock

I know we all hate to admit it, but we all wanted to f*ck Shane on The L Word. Or, rather, we wanted Shane to f*ck us. Her BDE just radiates off her with that grungy lez style.

15. Evan Rachel Wood

Photo by Shutterstock

Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood was the kinky vampire daddy of my dreams. And then her in a suit — damn. I’m sweating, y’all.

14. Jane Lynch

Photo by Twitter

Jane Lynch’s BDE is more subtle than most, but it’s still there. It’s there in her half-smile. It’s there in her voice. It’s there in her confidence. She would take you out on a fancy AF date and f*ck you riiiiight. I just know it.

13. Joan Jett

Photo by Shutterstock

Give a woman leather pants and a guitar and boom: instant BDE. Add that in with Joan Jett’s swag and general IDGAF attitude and you get lucky number 13 on this BDE list: a fitting spot for this iconic rocker babe.

12. k.d. lang

Photo by Instagram

k.d. lang is hilarious and sexy. She has that ultimate dyke energy that makes your panties drop. The kind of lez to make straight girls question their sexuality.

11. Amber Whittington

Photo by Instagram

Ummm… I can’t focus on writing this because I’m distracted by Amber’s muscles. BDE for sure.

10. Jillian Michaels

Photo via Instagram

I hate working out but I strangely want Jillian Michaels to scream at me to run harder and faster. Her BDE and sexy muscles leave her as the perfect number 10.

9. Sarah Paulson

Her calm, cool presence? Her sly half-smile? The fact that she’s extremely lez? BDE.

8. Rose Garcia

Photo by Instagram

Rose has undeniable BDE. The presence she has fills an entire room with her big lez vibes.

7. Nats Getty

Pictured with fiancée Gigi Gorgeous (L)Photo by Ricky Middlesworth

Her s-w-a-g speaks for itself. And the fact that she’s marrying the ridiculously beautiful Gigi Gorgeous shows that we’re not the only ones that fell for Nats’ BDE.

6. Hayley Kiyoko

H-A-Y-L-E-Y! Ugh. Hayley Kiyoko is oozing BDE. Have you ever seen her perform on stage? She has millions of girls screaming for her. She is the lesbian version of ’90s boy bands that we’ve been waiting for. I bet her poster is on the back of thousands of teenage girls’ bedroom doors with hearts scribbled all over them. BDE. BDE 100 percent.

5. Syd Tha Kyd

“Special Affair” by The Internet is not only my go-to sex song, it is the epitome of Big Dyke Energy. Syd is the type that will even have straight girls questioning their sexuality. Syd’s BDE is so intense that you can’t quite put your finger on what attracts you to her… but you just know you want her to put her fingers on you.

4. Sara Ramirez

Have you ever had a moment in life that made you gayer when you didn’t think that was possible? When Sara Ramirez’s Madame Secretary character was revealed — that was one of those moments for me. She is just so damn fine. I’ve seen her walking around Brooklyn on occasion and, let me tell you, it’s not just her on-screen characters that have BDE.

3. Melissa Etheridge

Photo by Shutterstock

Daddy Melissa has BDE that goes back decades. Her songs are just *so* lesbian. Her dyke energy fills entire stadiums. But it’s this beautiful, tender, strong dyke energy. Sing “Come To My Window” to me anytime, Melissa. Anytime.

2. Young MA

Young MA is BDE. Plain and simple. She has Big Dyke Energy in the way she enters the man’s world of rap and owns her songs and life. She doesn’t f*ck around and she definitely means business in her lez ways. What could possibly be more sexy?!

1. Lea Delaria 

Photo by Shutterstock

Unsurprisingly, the iconic Lord of the Lesbians ranks #1 for BDE. You just *know* that Lea regularly takes home the hottest femme at the bar, all thanks to her BDE. She walks around like she’s God’s gift to woman, and it’s endearing and hot because she’s a lesbian, so it works for her.

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