Video of the Day: I Want A Dyke For President

We want a president that stands against white supremacy.

In light of our current president being literally the worst ever this week (and since… forever), we wanted to share what we wish we had in a president. This powerful video of Mykki Blanco reading Zoe Leonard’s poem “I want A Dyke For President” which was published nearly 25 years ago brings us hope. Hope for a future where our children can know love and empathy from their nations leader. Hope for a world filled with beautiful diversity.

We want a president that stands against white supremacy. We want a president who will honor the life of Heather Heyer. We want a president who will mourn with their citizens after seeing a resurgence of hate. We want a president who will take action on our behalf to protect the most marginalized of us.

Instead, we have a president that sides with white supremacists. We have a president that brings with him to office an upsurge in hate groups across America. We have a a president who blames violence on “both sides,” instead of taking a strong stance against racism and anti-semitism. It is heartbreaking to see our country being torn apart at the seams by a man who knows nothing of politics or how to lead a nation away from hate.

Someday we hope to see Zoe Leonard’s come to fruition. Someday we hope to see our country reflect values of love and acceptance and understanding. Until that day we will continue to resist.

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