Captivating Couples 2013

They hail from all over the nation, falling head over heels for one another in many different ways. But one thing ties all of these adorable twosomes together—love.

Sarah, 29, Managing Editor, The Contributor
Stephanie, 45, Tree Research Lab Tech
Like a lot of contemporary couples, Sarah and Stephanie met online. When Sarah saw Stephanies profile, she took a chance and paid the fee for the ability to email her. Much to Sarahs delight, Stephanie wrote back. After a year of dating, the couple moved in together. Later that year, Stephanie proposed to Sarah on her birthday in front of a party full of their friends and family. I was so surprised…and of course I said yes! Sarah says. They celebrated their love with a romantic (and barefoot) beach wedding on the coast of Oregon in August 2010. Sarah says her favorite part was the glow in her eyes as I walked down the sandy aisle. And then I threw cake in her face a few hours later at the reception. Ah, memories. Last December, they legalized their union when Washington enacted same-sex marriage. The couple says that constant communication is the key-and it turns out laughter does not hurt either. Sarahs laugh fills the room. She has a great laugh and it makes me laugh even more, says Stephanie.

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