Captivating Couples 2013

They hail from all over the nation, falling head over heels for one another in many different ways. But one thing ties all of these adorable twosomes together—love.

Long Island, NY
Tracy, 41, nurse
Kelly, 25, neurosurgery physician assistant
Before they began dating, Tracy liked to tease Kelly about the lunches she brought in to their workplace cafeteria. Tracy would pick on my food because I would always have weird things, like tofu or mushrooms. I made her Brussels sprouts one day and probably excited her, jokes Kelly. It turns out the way to the heart is indeed through the stomach. We have a 16 year age difference, but somehow are always on the same page, Kelly explains. We do not argue over nonsense; we talk kindly. We always tell each other how we feel. We show love, feel love, and give love. Her two children have become our two children and we have become a family. According to Kelly, quality time together is the medicine for a healthy relationship. Emphasis on quality. Figure out what makes your partner smile and make it happen as much as possible. Tracy says that Kelly has a way of being her grounding force when she gets anxious. While a walk down the aisle is still a ways off, we know what kind of dishes we are registering for.

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