Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Year

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Madison Hope Photography

Miranda Snow, Social Media Coordinator and Client Relations at an Animal Hospital, Burlesque and Go-Go Performer, Director of Honey NYC
Daniela Gunning, Social Media Curator and Promoter for Pandora Events

Miranda and Daniela, one of our favorite couples heating up the NYC lesbian scene and Instagram, have just as much passion and sparks off camera as they do on. They can often be spotted at lesbian hot spots from New York to Miami to Los Angeles — with Miranda dancing under her burlesque name, Scarlett Snow, and Daniela there supporting her. Anyone who follows them on social media can easily see how hot this couple is for one another. Anyone who meets them in person can physically feel their passion and adoration for each other. They weren’t always quite as infatuated, though. “We knew each other through mutual friends in Orlando and I was super into her, and she was not into me at all. But open-ended flirtation turned into a kiss, and now here we are,” says Miranda. “We initially didn’t care for each other, to be honest,” Daniela chimes in. Now the two are inseparable, living in a beautiful apartment together in Brooklyn.

Photo by Austin Nunes

The GO team had the pleasure of seeing them in their natural state on Valentine’s Day morning, as we gathered at their apartment to prep for the photo shoot. Both gorgeous, Daniela and Miranda are both also refreshingly friendly and warm-hearted. As the two beauties had their hair blown out and makeup applied, we talked and joked about lesbian dating problems, taking time to ogle their adorable cats.

The two were not always as solid as they are now; they were off to a rocky start. Miranda explains,“When we first started dating, we were at very different places in our lives. I didn’t exactly know where I was going, and she was so sure of who she was and what aspects she wanted in her life. To be frank, I was a hot mess and in a pretty negative space. It took a lot of time and talking and working through our emotions to get to where we are.” In addition to time and working through their emotions, humor has been an integral part of growing and defining their relationship. The couple attributes some of their success to their shared sense of humor. “We argue. We bicker. We have our monthly mood swings where if someone breathes the wrong way, hell can break loose… but at the end of the day, we laugh so much. And it could be at the dumbest thing, or at our lame secret handshake,” Daniela says, “We laugh so much, and it makes our relationship feel weightless, even after our hardest days.”

Photo by Madison Hope Photography

The way they giggled throughout the shoot gave us a visceral look at how weightless their relationship actually is. For a couple that is so sensual on camera, they can also be totally goofy and playful.

Daniela explains that some people assume Miranda’s job as a burlesque dancer is a source of jealousy in their relationship, but it isn’t in reality. “I’m her biggest supporter. I’m at nearly every gig, and I’m at every show cheering her on,” Daniela tells GO.

Photo by Madison Hope Photography

Marriage isn’t on their minds right now. “I know I love Miranda, and I know she loves me, and we are building a future with each other. But we are also two people who love to work, never stop working, and we have other things we want to do together, and places we want to experience together, without a piece of paper saying we’re partners,” says Daniela. “In short, no. I don’t ever want to ‘plan’ to marry someone. I’d rather be in love and end up married one day. I’ve got the ‘in love’ part down, and I’m happy with that,” agrees Miranda.

Miranda loves everything about Daniela, but mostly, “she is an absolute light. Dan can brighten a room within milliseconds. She’s nurturing and kind to everyone. And even though she’s this goddess of a human, she is incredibly humble.” And Daniela’s favorite thing about Miranda? “I love her drive. Her mind and body are always moving 100 times a minute. Also, I love how I know she loves me.”

In five years, the two hope to be thriving in their careers as well as happily living in a beautiful California home, complete with a garden, their two cats, and hopefully a new dog for Daniela, even though Miranda is a “serious cat person.”

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