America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part II

We rounded up so many gorgeous couples we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. That said, we’re happy to have the cuteness continue.

Beth & Carolyn

Hudson County and Passaic County, New Jersey

Carolyn, 40, motorcycle saleswoman, guitarist
Beth, 37, boutique manager

“We view our relationship as an unbroken circle,” Carolyn says, “and we will only let positive things into that circle. We won’t stand for drama. There’s no insecurity, negative thoughts or negative people welcome.” Carolyn and Beth met through mutual friends in 2007. Their friendship grew out of a mutual love of good music, good friends and good times. Then things changed at a jam party this past fall. Playing music together triggered something between them and suddenly sparks flew between the two. “With Carolyn on the guitar and myself on the tambourine, we went from a musical interlude to a kiss that hasn’t ended.” They’ve found that mutual respect, trust, communication, laughter and honesty translate into a solid foundation for a successful relationship.

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