America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part II

We rounded up so many gorgeous couples we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. That said, we’re happy to have the cuteness continue.

Monzie & Coyote

San Francisco, California

Monzie, 35, airline industry
Coyote, 34, senior buyer for a sex toy store

Monzie and Coyote met several different times and completely ignored each other every time. “We both thought we were too cool to make the first move,” says Monzie. “Then a little birdy convinced me to ask Coyote out and we pretty much got married the morning after our first date.” They love making videos, photography, tattoos, their dogs, fooling around and falling in love. “We have a couple of rules that have gotten us through: don’t do anything to me that you wouldn’t want me to do to you. (This rule does not apply in the bedroom, however.) No being mean, no being self righteous, no being judgemental. That last one is almost impossible to follow because we are both the most stubborn people on the planet and always think we are right. That’s why we have a really good couples counselor!”

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