Video Of The Day: Wildfang Wants You To Know That The Future Is Fluid

They partnered with Tegan and Sara for this empowering video.

Wildfang wants you to know that the future is fluid. They teamed up with Tegan and Sara to create this message for the community. In this empowering video, they make a loud statement that the future is trans-inclusive, queer, not assigning gender to genitals, learning consent, non-conformist, and so much more!

It’s in the numbers, babes. Research shows Gen Z will have the most fluid identity of any generation yet, with almost 50% identifying as something other than straight and 56% knowing someone with a gender-neutral pronoun.

“A world so different, none of it is considered different anymore. The future is not believing all the ways they’ve told you—you aren’t enough. You are enough. You are the future,” Tegan and Sara say in the video.

The Future Is Fluid project raises funds and awareness for LGBTQ causes.

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