Video Of The Day: Sara Ramirez Is Sexy AF In “Madame Secretary”

Sara Ramirez broke the lesbian internet.

Okay, so I had never heard of Madame Secretary until Sara Ramirez tweeted a sexy AF photo of her debut in the show a month ago. She broke the lesbian/bisexual internet. Girls all over the world had to change their panties. She has yet again descended down upon us from the heavens in her butch apparel and new super gay haircut with the teaser release of her debut scene. I can attest that she looks as hot IRL because I sat next to her at the dapperQ Fashion Show this past year… no big deal.

While I have binged every episode Grey’s Anatomy 12 times over and can recite lines in my sleep, I have never seen Madame Secretary before. But you’d better bet my gay ass will definitely be tuning in this Sunday evening to watch all that is queer as Ramirez takes center stage in her pocket square, chain, blazer and sexy AF undercut. Kat Sandoval is about to be the leading lady in every lesbian and bisexual babes wet dreams this weekend!

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