“Grey’s Anatomy” Lez Fans Rejoice: The Ending You Needed For Callie and Arizona

This brings us an endgame story about our favorite lesbian doctor duo.

Photo by The Calzona Comic Project

Every season of Grey’s Anatomy ends more dramatically than the last. At the end of Season 14, we lost beloved lesbian character Arizona Robbins—but not to the depressing and unfortunate trope of bury your gays. The longest-running lesbian character on TV, who was an incredible pediatric surgeon, flew into our hearts with her Rollie sneakers and bubbly personality during Season 5 and grew into a multidimensional character with flaws, struggles, and celebrated moments.

If you’re a longtime Grey’s fan and a lesbian—then, of course, you shipped Calzona. Callie Torres, the badass bisexual babe played by none other than Sara Ramirez, fell for Arizona before she was out as bi. Their relationship was monumental when it comes to representation for queer women and not simply because they were the longest-running lesbian couple, together for 133 episodes. Calzona displayed a genuine queer love that had its flaws, filled with ups and downs, cheating, struggles with health, and longstanding love. But the writers let us lesbian Grey’s fans down when they left us with unanswered questions about their possible rekindling with Arizona moving to NYC (where Callie moved to in Season 13). It was revealed, just before we said goodbye to Arizona, that Callie was no longer with the person she was dating—leaving a glimmer of hope that Calzona would come together again.

Photo by The Calzona Comic Project

While we may not have a chance to see this play out on our screens tomorrow night, as Grey’s comes back for the 15th season, the depths of the lesbian internet have gifted us with the ending we deserve. I bring you news of the Calzona Comic Project: “We love this fandom and we think that this project will help bring closure to what we all have been asking for the past few years,” it says on their About page.

The comic is downloadable in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. You can also purchase a print copy if you’re a diehard fan.  This brings us an endgame story about our favorite lesbian doctor duo and their daughter Sophia.

Photo by The Calzona Comic Project

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