Trans Man Shot With Pellet Gun While Shopping For Groceries Blake-Newton’s attackers laughed after they shot him, and drove away shouting ‘tr***y’ and ‘f****t.’

A Michigan trans man alleges he was shot with a pellet gun on Saturday.

Andrew Jonathan Blake-Newton was shot five times around midnight two blocks from his home while he was out shopping for groceries. Blake-Newton is autistic, has multiple sclerosis and is a full-time wheelchair user. He told PinkNews he’s “absolutely traumatized” by the attack.

He said that someone from a “small beige four-door car opened fire” on him with a pellet gun. He was shot five times, once in each leg, twice in his side, and once in his wrist.

Blake-Newton’s attackers laughed after they shot him, and drove away shouting ‘tr***y’ and ‘f****t.’

Blake-Newton told PinkNews, “All I could feel was fear, and I fled, I felt like there was a spot light on me, and I needed to get off the sidewalk and onto my street.”

He shared details of the attack and photos of his injuries on Facebook, along with photos of his injuries.

“No trans person should have to fear leaving their home,” the post read. “No trans person should have to fear being SHOT, even if it’s ‘only’ with a pellet gun when they go out to get groceries.”

Unfortunately, Blake-Newton’s terrible treatment carried over into the hospital. He said, “Once I was in the hospital, I was further victimized as they were lazy and apathetic, taking their time to remove the bullets in my legs, hours after making me lay on a metal table, on my back, to take x-rays, which they took their time taking. They refused my request to be admitted, even with my history of severe infections in my legs, which for some of those I had been admitted there. They also refused to send me home with wound care supplies or antibiotics, instead they only provided a script, even after I told them my pharmacy is closed on weekends.”

“My hope is that my story will spread and that one trans voice, one trans experience will encourage other trans voices to join until we finally become loud enough to be heard and that real change will be made,” Blake-Newton added.

The incident has been reported to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

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