TikTok’s ‘Roman Empire’ Is This Gorgeous Lesbian Wedding

The wedding, which took place on Saturday, became unofficially dubbed as the royal wedding of TikTok.

Lunden Stallings and Olivia Bennett are married! If that sentence means absolutely nothing to you, you are probably over the age of 25 or straight. It’s okay, even our queer friends at Autostraddle had no idea who these TikTok stars were until PEOPLE covered their wedding this week.


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A quick catch up: the couple, known as Lunden & Olivia on TikTok, have amassed over 700k followers posting “day in the life” and “outfit of the day” content. Leading up to their highly anticipated wedding, the couple posted wedding planning videos that sent their hundreds of thousands of followers into a tizzy. The wedding, which took place on Saturday, became unofficially dubbed as the royal wedding of TikTok.

The 26-year-olds were wed in front of 150 friends and family members at Naylor Hall in Roswell, Georgia. On the TikTok post featuring photos from the wedding, hundreds of users commented some variation of “ya’ll are my roman empire.” If you are old enough to use a retinol cream like me, that is kid-speak to say that they are very obsessed with the couple.

When I was 26, I cut the left leg out of a pair of yoga pants and wore it out as a tube dress to the gay bar. These classy ladies, however, were the epitome of class and grace at their young age, sporting designer looks for their nuptials. Stallings dazzled in a Safiyaa dress along with Sarah Flint shoes, and an Ann-Marie Faulkner birdcage veil. Bennett stunned in a Monique Lhuillier gown and Stuart Weitzman heels.

“We’re both so excited, as two women, to experience each other’s ‘big bridal moment,’” Bennett told PEOPLE about their first look.

“I know that it’s hard to take in a moment, but I do feel like the one thing that Olivia and I are good at is being still,” Stallings added. “We like romanticizing the moment that we’re in. I’m so excited to see her.”

The couple is grateful for the impact that they are making on the LGBTQ+ community as well as the world at large, and for the representation that has come before them. “I was that girl in high school that was like I’m never going to get to live out my true self, and there’s no way I’m going to find a girl that everyone will love and accept,” Stallings told PEOPLE.

Bennett added, “There was nobody back then that looked like us, that was represented as a lesbian. And I even think in my own head I was like, ‘I don’t look like a lesbian.’ But it’s so normalized now and we’re very grateful that we’re part of this movement… We’re just happy to be included.”

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