Lesbian TikTok Thirst Traps That Will Have You Sweating & Swooning

Prepare to be parched.

I used to be one of those people who prided themselves on never downloading the app TikTok. I won’t lie to you, I felt superior for it. I happily announced that I never wasted hours of my life scrolling on what I believed were just boring videos of straight white boys lip-syncing Jason Derulo in their pickup trucks. 

Now, I am pleased to report that the TikTok-less version of myself is no longer (and I am even more pleased to announce that the app is certainly not just videos of boys in pickup trucks). I now contentedly perform the TikTok scroll for hours every night and I must admit, it doesn’t feel like wasted time. Especially when I’m learning about other cultures, languages, food, fashion, and, of course, the LGBTQ+ community.  The app’s algorithm learns what you enjoy, and shows you more of it on your “for you page.”

TikTok’s “for you page” or FYP is the main screen of the app where TikTok curates videos they think you’ll like for you to scroll through and engage with. TikTok’s massive popularity has led to a seemingly endless amount of content and content creators who make videos catering to all sorts of niches. And if you’re anything like me (a raging dyke with ~12 hours of screen time per day) then your FYP probably looks a lot like mine: full of the coveted ~TikTok lesbian~. 

What is a TikTok lesbian, you ask? While there are TikTok sapphics of all gender representations, there is definitely a “typical look” for a TikTok lesbian, especially those who are masculine-of-center. Allow me to break it down for you: Start off with a beanie or a snapback, (or tie your long hair into a high bun, being sure to show off that undercut), add a sweatshirt, top it all off with a pair of vans and BAM! You have yourself a TikTok lesbian. And probably 500,000 views.

TikTok lesbians make content about a variety of things including: female stereotypes; how they don’t fit into those stereotypes; how much they want a girlfriend; how much they love their girlfriend; how they always fall for straight girls; how straight girls always fall for them; how much they love lip syncing to Hayley Kiyoko; and much, much more. 

TikTok lesbians are also known for their unbeatable ability to thirst trap. (Thirst trap is defined by Urban Dictionary as, “a sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction.”)

And TikTok lesbians make a very specific type of thirst trap, most of which can be boiled down to a few key elements: eye contact, lip biting, the “come here” finger motion, and the undeniable ability to steal your girl at the drop of a hat. Or should I say, the drop of their keys on a carabiner. 

Because I have a degree in dyke TikTok, I’ve rounded up my top favorite lesbian thirst traps for your enjoyment. Believe me, there is no one more qualified to take on this task. I mean, come on, I’m a gen Z gay who’s been stuck indoors for the past year. Now, where did I find these TikToks, you may ask? Did I have to search far and wide? Scroll for hours researching? No. The only straight thing about these videos is that they came straight from my very own TikTok likes on my FYP. I may be slightly ashamed to admit that, but hey, it’s the truth. 

Without further ado I am pleased to show you GO’s roundup of our favorite lesbian thirst trap TikToks. Don’t worry, we’ve included the username so you can go follow (or slide in those dms if you’re so compelled, and trust me, you will be). 

WARNING: you may want to grab a bottle of water before proceeding. Continue at your own risk. 

1. @ingridelidaw

@ingridelidaw⚠️FW⚠️ pov: You mistake me for your bf at a party♬ WHERE HAVE U BEEN – madi hocker

Starting this roundup off strong with one of my personal favorite kinds of thirst traps, the POV. Nothing better than scrolling on your phone in bed, weighted blanket on, eating Cheetos, while a TikTok lesbian pretends you’re meeting her at a party. These are some of my favorite little delusions. 10/10 highly recommend.

2. @marthwubbles

@marthwubbles#pov I catch you staring on FT #fyp #FaceTime♬ a new kind of love by frou frou – 🪓

*mutes facetime* *screams*

3. @hope.bridgers

@hope.bridgers  How about a non binary after midnight #fyp♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA

This thirst trap is a combo of every lesbians’ two favorite things on the planet: ABBA and undone button ups.

4. @k8.japuncha

@k8.japuncha  I’m getting an undercut tmr 😬 #foryoupage #DoItBold #fyp #lesbiantiktok #lgbt♬ Wait a minute! – .

I’m just… gonna…*gets on one knee*

5. @vashal

@.vas.hal I miss the wheel♬ yr heart [reprise] – Hand Habits

This TikTok fits into the “subtle thirst trap” category. This unique type is the kind of video that a random heterosexual may see and scroll past, while the lesbians are out here leaving water drop emojis all over the comment section. We are ONTO you, subtle thirst trappers. We see right through you. But by all means, keep it up.

6. @hopepetsa

@hopepetsa Internally: sh*t sh*t sh*t play cool 😎 #fyp #🏳️‍🌈 #lgbtq♬ waiting for charli to use this sound – Yuh Todoroki hate page

This video WILL live rent free in your head 24/7.

7. @maihualee

@maihualee TTs #foryou #featureme♬ Streets – Doja Cat

Honestly I think this video may have been briefly taken down due to violating a TikTok “no nudity” policy. The fact that it was allowed back up is proof that lesbians always win.

8. @sapphsauge

@sapphsauge  Sapphic twinning #fyp #gaygirl #sapphic #lgbtq #youarewhatyoueat♬ original sound – vintage

And I oops-

9. @tringsby

@tringsby Aiaiai♬ Batman – LPB Poody

Whoever is responsible for starting the trend of queer women getting mullets in 2021 PLEASE send me an email. I would like to offer you my thanks (and my hand in marriage).

As you can now see, TikTok is full of lesbian thirst traps that are the entire reason I spend wayyy too much time on my phone #noregrets.

In all seriousness, TikTok gets a lot of flack for being cringe-worthy (often deservingly so) but it also hosts a wonderful community of queer women. Young lesbians are connecting with each other, relating to each other, and building friendships with one another. Lesbian TikTok is not just saturated in videos of women making eye contact while lip-biting— it contains a wealth of material for all things LGBTQ+. On it, you’ll find videos about LGBTQ+ politics and awareness-raising, advice on coming out, fashion tips for embracing your most authentic self, stories of being in the closet made by older lesbians, and so much more. Through TikTok, I’ve learned the important history of sapphics and LGBTQ+ identifier terms. Plus, during a global pandemic, digital communities like those found on TikTok are incredibly valuable for queer people in a variety of circumstances, and are especially important at a time when connections to the gay community are limited. I have found so many new lesbian creators on the platform that inspire me and uplift me everyday. I’m proud of lesbian TikTok, thirst traps and all.


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