This Lesbian Is Famous For Folding Laundry & We Are Very Turned On

Your new TikTok obsession.

If you’ve already watched every butch video on your feminist p*rn subscription love watching lesbians do wholesome household chores, you need to follow Melissa Dilkes Pateras AKA The Laundry Lesbian.

@melissadilkespateras Towel fold story time #laundrytok #laundry #folding #towel ♬ original sound – Laundrytok | Melissa Pateras

Dilkes Pateras is a sensation on the strange corner of the internet called “LaundryTok” where she shares videos of herself doing regular-ass chores that she somehow makes look sexual mesmerizing. She began her unexpected journey to TikTok fame during the COVID-19 lockdown. She made some videos on a whim while quarantining and “before I knew it, I was the laundry lesbian,” Dilkes Pateras told the Peter Borough Examiner.

“That started it all, that’s where my life changed,” Dilkes Pateras recalled of her first video posted on Facebook. “My daughter filmed it and didn’t think it was funny. I posted it and later that night around 1 a.m. I had to wake her up because my phone was just going crazy, I said ‘what is happening?’”

After that first viral post, Dilkes Pateras’ daughters helped set her up with a TikTok account. She then did a duet with content creator @HannahBreadTok, whose videos of kneading dough set to music have a cult following.

“I kept seeing her come on my For You Page and she was never actually making bread, she was just kneading it or smacking it to music and people were loving it, so I thought ‘oh, I’ll duet her,” Dilkes Pateras told the Peter Borough Examiner. There was only one problem: she didn’t know how to make bread. So she turned to laundry.

“I just did it with me folding laundry since I can’t make bread and that completely blew up.”

@melissadilkespateras Laundry hacks that don’t work #laundry #laundrytok #laundryhack ♬ original sound – Laundrytok | Melissa Pateras

Since her rise to internet fame, Dilkes Pateras has secured a publishing deal for a book and met her fiancée through TikTok.

“If I hadn’t been on TikTok, if the pandemic and all these things hadn’t happened I never would have met her,” Dilkes Pateras told the Peter Borough Examiner about her fiancée @everydaytrace.

@everydaytrace #CapCutNYE #TikTokHolidays Not a bad first full year in Canada with my sweet @Laundrytok | Melissa Pateras #CapCutNYE #TikTokHolidays ♬ original sound – Tracy Taylor

“I’ve had so many positive comments talking about how the pandemic has been the worst time of our lives and we may never go through something like this again in our lifetimes and then ‘you give me a few minutes to smile each day,'” she said.

“As long as it’s still fun and people are still enjoying it, I will do it,” she said. “If it’s making even one person laugh, I’m in.”

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