You Need To See TikTok’s Lesbian Lumberjack

tiktok @nicole_coenen

She takes thirst trap to a whole new level.

If you weren’t aware that you have a kink for a dyke with an axe, congrats, now you know.

Nicole Maple Coenen is taking the lesbian internet by storm with her wood chopping skills and irresistible charm. I am a high-in-the-sky-femme so I have no idea how to describe the various tools Coenen uses to chop wood, but I can say that she has even chopped wood with a sword.

@nicole_coenen #ViolentNight is yours to own on Blu-ray & Digital NOW! @Universal All-Access #ad #RatedR ♬ original sound – Nicole Maple Coenen

This lesbian lumberjack also appears to quench her thirst with…maple syrup? And uses the hashtag #maplemommy.

@nicole_coenen The serene resonance of a loud screechy🐓 #rooster #farmlife #woodsplitting #maplesyrup #woodchopper #lumberjack #lesbianlumberjack #maplemommy #rurallife #lesbiansoftiktok #lumberjill #farmtok #Canadian #homestead #canada ♬ Another loud one – Nicole Maple Coenen

Tiktok is a glorious, never-ending place to fall in love with queer content creators,  but Coenen takes thirst trap to a new level. You can follow the Canadian Tiktoker here.

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