Did Natasha Lyonne Come Out?

New gender and sexuality: unlocked.

Happy Friday! The news we’ve been waiting/wishing/hoping for our entire lives has finally broken. Your favorite raspy-voiced heartthrob and mine, Natasha Lyonne, has publicly identified as some flavor of queer. Rather, she’s unlocked an entirely new gender and sexuality for herself: merry prankster.

Lyonne recently spoke to The Independent and got real about her not-straight-not-gay sexuality.

“I don’t know that I fully identify with the quote-unquote ‘straight’ experience … Though I also don’t want to claim anyone else’s experience that I’m not actually living. Like if a hot guy walks through the room… baby, I’m lookin’. So I guess that makes me straight? … I look at sex more as… ‘hmm, what’s this mischief I can get into?’ I’m in this third category. My sexuality and gender is more like… merry prankster.”

For years, our community has speculated about Lyonne’s sexuality, though she has identified as straight in the past. For years, our community has also felt personally wronged by Lyonne’s straightness, given her role in legendary queer roles (and given how hot she looks in a suit). But now, our community is losing their minds over Lyonne’s revealed mischievous “third category” identity. Naturally, the internet has blown up over the interview and the tweets did not disappoint.

Whether or not Lyonne will elaborate on what merry prankster means remains to be seen, but iconicity rarely needs an explanation. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go watch But I’m A Cheerleader.

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