Republicans Are Recording Themselves Triggered By Target Pride Merch

Conservatives are losing it over T-shirts.

We have all had a gay chuckle or two going through Target’s 2023 Pride merch. Most of the Pride collection includes apparel sporting designs from LGBTQ+ creators, the most notable being the “Live Laugh Lesbian” shirt. (The “drag bird” is certainly a  close second.) It’s hard not to make some sort of comment on these delightfully playful Pride designs and our community has taken to social media to share our reactions.

But no one is losing their minds over the collection like Conservatives on TikTok.

Ethan Schmidt, who was banned from Target last summer for creating anti-LGBTQ+ content related to their Pride merch, has decided to return despite the fact his presence is now considered trespassing.

He recently walked around the store holding a children’s shirt that says “PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE” and insisted to other customers that it is pedophilia. He recorded the customers’ reactions without their permission and asks, “do you support this? Do you support pedophilia?”

Two women who Schmidt threatened to call the cops on him. He called them “super trigger liberals.”

Another TikToker was outraged that the Pride collection includes gender-affirming garments.

While shopping in Target, the creator says, “If that doesn’t give you a reason to boycott Target, I don’t know what does, but this sh*t is getting out of hand.” She continues, “they’re targeting children whether you like it or not.” No pun intended!

TikTok Conservatives are not stopping at the T-shirts; they are even going after the same-sex greeting cards.

One America News Anchor Alison Steinberg says the same-sex parent greeting cards are taking away from “regular parents,” and the “Mrs. and Mrs.” and “hers and hers” wedding cards are a sign that Target is “out of control.”

These are just a few examples of the Conservatives who are taking to TikTok to let everyone know the Pride collection is now available at Target. According to their videos, you can purchase the merchandise to support LGBTQ+ designers throughout the month of Pride. Thanks for spreading the word!

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