7 Queer Met Gala Looks That Made Us Ready To Confess Our Sins

“Confess.. I’ll make your fantasies come true.”

Is there a purpose of the Met Gala other than every A List celebrity looking fly AF? Actually yes: with a quick Google search, I found that its official name is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit and the purpose is to raise money for the fashion department of the museum. But lez be honest. I’m only here for the extravagant red carpet looks.

This year, the theme was quite controversial and very sexy: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Hosted by Anna Wintour, Queen Rihanna, Donatella Versace and Amal Clooney.

TLDR: it’s a couture fashion event hosted by bad bitches with a sexy Catholic theme.

Let’s get to the juicy bits, babes. I’m talking queer style. Queer icons. Queer celebrities. Queer couples on the red carpet. Loud and in your face queer statements. All of the above was witnessed at last nights Met Gala. And while I wasn’t there, I was happily curled up in bed watching everything unfold on my Instagram with my glass of Rosé in hand.

1. Lena Waithe is a Heaven sent queer GODDEX! 

Photo by Instagram

Everything Lena Waithe does, I am about. She is literally queer royalty. She is a Goddex. She slays. Not only is this look pure gold, it also makes a powerful AF statement on a night that is about Catholicism. A religion that has a notoriously homophobic history of gay conversion therapy, excommunicating LGBTQ church-goers and so much more violence I don’t have time to digest right now.

Honestly, seeing Waithe on the red carpet at one of the most prestigious events of the year donning a f*cking rainbow cape brought me to tears. Also, please note that she is intentionally wearing the new rainbow flag (created in Philadelphia last year) that includes a black and brown stripe for QTPOC community members.

2. Ruby Rose is ready for confession. 

Photo by Instagram

“Confess.. I’ll make your fantasies come true,” Rose wrote in the caption of this picture. Like, ummm… okay. Please do. The cross eyebrow jewelry is everything. Their bright blood red dress just proves that Rose has risen.

3. Sarah Paulson is relaxed AF.

Photo by Instagram

Paulson dressed in a classic angelic dress (though we know from her past roles that she has many sides to her — ahem, “American Horror Story”). Last night, she was seen chilling with her “Glass” costar Anya Taylor Joy with her heels off. Like, same. Those heels look killer and honestly femmes, who lasts all night when wearing 6 inch heels? None of us.

4. Janelle Monáe brought a Catholic twist to her black and white. 

Photo by Instagram

Monáe stayed on point with her statement black and white stripes but added a bit of a twist last night. This silver head scarf is giving very old European Catholic vibes along with a gold hat to cast a halo around her head. As if she needs an additional halo, the angelic queer that she is

“I use fashion to make lots of statement,” she told Vanity Fair. “My black and white is meant to honor my working-class parents. My mother was a janitor, both my fathers, my biological father and my stepfather, were custodians, sanitation workers, post-office workers. For me, I try to say something as much as possible, say something that means something to other people outside of myself. Sometimes I don’t.”

5. Cara Delevigne brought her own shade. 

Photo by Instagram

Cara Delevigne was keeping all of her sins to herself hiding behind that very chic and shadey veil last night. My favorite part is the dash of bright pink hair coming out from the top of the crown. And she kept a very mysterious look on her face throughout the whole red carpet walk. What sins do you think she’s keeping hidden?! We want to know.

6. Evan Rachel Wood was her own angel.

Photo by Instagram

The fashion queen donned a golden gilded cape made from a thousand feathers. Wood told reporters that she was inspired by “iconography of angels in Catholic art and sculpture.” We’re more inspired by Wood’s interpretation of it.

7. Stella Maxwell was very literal. 

Photo by Instagram

Maxwell was giving us Mother Mary vibes last night with her very literal dress made of colorful sequins and Mary’s face all over her. My question is, where was K-Stew though? I love a good queer couple moment on the red carpet because all the straights seem to go crazy when we make out in public (especially when it’s a celebrity couple).

What were your favorite looks from last night?

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