Queer Eye & Queer As Folk Take Over The Big Easy

The Big Easy is about to get queerer than ever, and we can’t wait to watch.

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Queer as Folk were both earth-shattering series in the early 2000s that brought LGBTQ+ folks to mainstream media. Both of these series got a modern facelift, with the rebooted Queer Eye on its seventh season and the rebooted Queer as Folk gearing to premiere its first. Huge announcements have been made for each series respectively that have the internet buzzing with anticipation.

The first six seasons of Queer Eye have been set in Texas, Georgia, Missouri and Pennsylvania, but the official Queer Eye account announced on Twitter that the Fab 5 are officially on location for the 7th season: New Orleans!

The announcement notes that viewers should expect “new adventures and more tears” this season, which is set to premiere in fall of 2022 or winter of 2023.

The original Queer as Folk was set in Pittburgh, PA, but the reboot is located in, you guessed it, New Orleans. The reboot follows a cast of new characters who are gay, disabled, trans and non-binary as they traverse through life following a tragedy. Two of the characters, Ruthie (Jesse James Keitel), a trans woman, and her partner Shar (CG), who is non-binary, are also trying to navigate starting a family as a queer couple. 

“We are under such constant, blatant attacks – transphobic attacks, either in legislation, physical hate crimes, in the media,” Jesse James Keitel tells PinkNews. “We are constantly mocked and vilified. Getting to show queer people in love [as] thriving, vibrant adults who make mistakes – showing our humanity separate from our transness, separate from our queerness – is so powerful.”

CG added: “People think they hold so much power, which, sure – but everything in this couple, it’s like, f**k your power – it has no power here. I hold my power.”

The Big Easy is about to get queerer than ever, and we can’t wait to watch.

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