A Lesbian Version Of ‘Queer Eye’ Is Coming Soon

Finally, finally, FINALLY, this dream is becoming a reality.

Ever since “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” first debuted on Bravo in 2003, queer women have been begging for a lesbian version of the show. Just imagine all the things we gays could do to help straight girls out! Truly, the possibilities are endless.


Finally, finally, FINALLY, this dream is becoming a reality. A scripted comedy called “Butch Pal for the Straight Gal” is officially on its way.

Just like “Queer Eye,” this version of the show features five queers who work together to revamp a straight person’s life. In this case, they’re a bunch of lesbians called the Fierce Five (and they’re not all butches, despite the series’ name).

Created by Ally Johnson, “Butch Pal” dropped its first trailer in November.

“Instead of wondering and complaining about why this show didn’t exist, we decided to make it,” the website says. “‘Butch Pal for the Straight Gal’ is a mockumentary comedy series about the first-ever queer female makeover show. Because lesbians can do makeovers, too.”

In this case, a lesbian makeover could include “restructuring a woman’s closet, minimalizing her makeup routine, showing her how to change own tire, or literally teaching a woman to fish.”

“Butch Pal” ran a viral crowdfunding campaign over the summer and filmed a pilot episode in August. The team is now raising $15,000 for post-production costs, such as editing, visual effects, and marketing—and they’re almost at their goal. You can donate on their website.

“People all over the world want this show to exist, and by the power of Gay Jesus we’re going to make it happen!” Johnson said in a statement.

We can’t wait!!!

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