Man Charged With Hate Crime After Assault On Lesbians At Football Game

Prosecutors have charged Harp with assault in the second degree and malicious harassment.

A football game turned tragic for a lesbian couple in Seattle last month after they were assaulted by a Cardinals fan during the game. Now, the man who assaulted them is facing felony hate crime charges.

On December 30, 2018, the Seahawks played the Cardinals at home in Seattle. According to the charging documents, during the game, 34-year-old Jay Dee Harp started to make offensive comments to a lesbian couple watching the game near him. During repeated trips back and forth to the concession stand, Harp allegedly began making comments about the women’s sexual orientation. Harp also allegedly “motion[ed] towards his mid-section and thrust[ed] his hands” before asking the women if they, “wanted some dick,” according to court filings in the case.

Finally, during the third quarter, Harp allegedly grabbed one of the women and pushed her. One witness reported that it looked like the man had grabbed the woman by her breast and would not let go. When she tried to push him away, he apparently threw his beer at her. Fans in the stands intervened in the confrontation and pulled Harp to the ground, but he was able to break free and punch one of the women in the face, which, according to the police report, caused a laceration and a chipped tooth. Fans continued to hold Harp until law enforcement arrived.

Now, prosecutors have charged Harp with assault in the second degree and malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime law. Initially, Harp was released from jail on a $25,000 bond, but that bond was subsequently raised to $100,000. In court filings, prosecutors wrote, “while the Defendant has no known criminal history, the defendant’s willingness to sexually assault a female — a complete stranger — in a crowded sports stadium and then violently punch another female victim in the face demonstrates that he is a clear danger to the community.” The criminal hate crime case will proceed in Washington in the coming months.

GO sends all our support and good thoughts to the couple.

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