Captivating Couples 2011

They met online, in grad school and even at an adoption center. Their love stories quell the naysayers and show us all that it can happen. Quit mooning over your exes and be inspired!

(And they’re in no particular order ‘cause we’re captivated by them all!)

Pat & Lily

New York, NY

Pat, 33, lawyer

Lily, 22, costume designer for film, TV and theatre

Pat and Lily met at a party almost two years ago where they were the only people wearing white jackets in the darkened room. Lily, scoping out Pat from a dimly-lit corner, had only recently arrived in the U.S. and did not speak a lick of English. But love is a language all its own: their eyes met across the room and they bonded over their mutual interests in fashion, the performing arts, history and science. They know in their hearts that they are perfect for one another. “Through love, respect, and demonstrating an interest in each other’s work, the fire continues to burn,” says Pat. Lily’s creativity eases the stress that comes with Pat’s legal profession and acts as the softer, inspirational counterpart to Pat’s methodical nature. “Together the blend makes our lives like music and our future so bright.”

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