Hunter Schafer Confirms She Dated Rosalía

“I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with.”

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer has confirmed to GQ that she previously dated singer Rosalía.

The interview, posted today, delves deep into Schafer’s modeling, activism, acting and her life beyond the public view. One of the juiciest details revealed: her five month romance with the Spanish singer.

The internet had long speculated about the nature of their relationship after they were spotted out and about in 2019. Many fans believed Rosalía’s hit song ‘Tuya’, which came out last year, is about Hunter. She has not confirmed this, instead telling ‘Anda Ya!’ last year that the song was inspired by “traditional music.”

Hunter says the two started as friends in 2019 before it became romantic.

“It’s been so much speculation for so long,” she told GQ. “Part of us just wants to get it over with, and then another part is like, ‘It’s none of anybody’s fucking business!’ ”.

In true queer fashion, she says it took a few hangouts to figure out if they were, in fact, dates.

While the relationship is over, Hunter says the two are still close. They’ve been spotted out recently furniture shopping and grabbing smoothies in California.

“I have really beautiful friendships with people that I was once romantically involved with,” she says. With Rosalía, “she’s family no matter what.”

Hunter kept many of the relationship details close to her chest, as she’s done with past relationships, but told GQ she spoke with Rosalía before outing the relationship.

“It’s something I’m happy to share. And I think she feels that way too,” she said.

She’s been enjoying her single life and won’t be jumping into anything anytime soon. She says she’s still healing from her previous relationship with Euphoria co-star Dominic Fike.

The two fell in love after meeting on the show’s second season, but ultimately called it off last April. The relationship opened Hunter up to other relationships, but she admits she’s still working through the healing process.

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