5 Fanny Packs to Fulfill Your Lesbian Dreams

Radical lesbians and their impact in today’s ever evolving fashion world with the fanny pack.

There is no denying the impact that the flannel wearing dykes of the 70’s made in the world. They were unabashed feminists, fighting for the rights of all women in revolutionary ways. However, as I reflect on my own personal style choices through the years I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. And as I purchased a holographic fanny pack for Pride this year, it hit me; these radical lesbians also made an impact in today’s ever-evolving fashion world.

Though fanny packs have long been considered the convenient bag for moms of the ’90s, they’ve recently made a comeback in the mainstream fashion world. With celebs like Kendall Jenner, SJP and even Beyoncé toting around this new look; fashion blog Qwear decided it was time to chronicled the queer history of the fanny pack.

“Much like flannel and Birkenstocks, fanny packs have been a part of the practical queer wardrobe since lesbian second-wave feminists chose to eschew fashion in favor of practical clothing,” Sonny Oram wrote. “The anti-fashion style has maintained a central component of lesbian culture.”

This culture of anti-fashion holds strong today in the queer community. LGBTQ people influence the fashion industry in a way that pushes boundaries—one of those being that we never stopped loving the fanny pack. With the revival of the fanny pack for the rest of the world, this just means there are so many new styles to shop for. Here are our top 5 fave summer styles for your super queer fanny pack look.

1. The Everyday Pack

Spiral Fanny Pack In Jersey Gray MarlPhoto by ASOS

This pack is perfect for you comfort-babes, always in search for the coziest and practical options. The style of this pack adds a little flare with the gray marl and compact size. It’s also amazingly practical with an adjustable strap and secure zipper. Take this pack hiking, to the beach or out to Cubbyhole with your date.

2. The “Futuristic Fun” Pack

PVC Transparent Waterproof Laser Waist BagPhoto by Amazon

Okay, so I’m totally biased but this is my favorite on the list. I got it for Pride this year and it’s so ideal for me. The design is something so different from what anyone else had and I got compliments galore. It adds a little punch to any outfit and is perfect for a night out when you want to be hands-free for dancing.

3. The “Lesbian Fashion Diva” Pack

Leather Bum BagPhoto by Etsy

This leather bag is for all you uber-stylish babes out there. The beautiful structure and design of this bag will add an umph to your weekend look. Pair this with a beautiful plum shoe and your set to go!

4. The “Cutesy Femme” Pack

Fydelity Pineapple Fanny Pack Photo by ASOS

This cutesy fanny pack is so ideal for all you queer femmes out there. We love the pineapple print for your beach days and it’s fab for your next Instagram #OOTD. The comfy fit of this stylist piece will add a flare no one else has.

5. The “Everybooty Needs This” Pack

Buckled Faux Leather Fanny Pack Photo by Forever21

This pack works for everyone. It’s roomy so you can fit everything you need for a full day of summer fun. It’s hella stylish with this silver snap button closure and leather waistband. It can be rocked with any outfit—masc, femme, non-binary or otherwise!

Honorable Mention: The “Lesbian Classic” Pack

Fifth Avenue PackPhoto by JanSport

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention JanSport and all they’ve done for lesbian fashion. This pack will complete your lesbian-look of flannel, Birkenstocks and asymmetrical haircut.

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