Ellen Page Just Low Key Revealed SHE MARRIED Emma Portner Via Instagram

And we thought it was just another dismal Wednesday!

Just when we thought it was another dismal Wednesday, we found out that one of our favorite celesbians to ever exist, Ms. Ellen Page married Emma Portner, in secret of course.

As we routinely scrolled through Instagram this casually appeared on our feed:

The couple’s two hands stretched out to meet each other’s as simple (but super chic) wedding bands made their way around their ring fingers.

“I can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife,” Page captioned the image, tagging her new wife. And lez just say news travels fast in the queer underworld, babes. Within an hour over 75,000 accounts “liked” the image and thousands more left encouraging comments.

Emma Portner and Ellen Page first began to swivel the curious heads of queers and straights alike when images of Portner kept popping up on Page’s Instagram. “Who is this gorgeous creature?” We collectively asked ourselves. Pretty soon we learned that Portner is a brilliant dancer and choreographer, originally from Ottawa, Ontario who teaches at the prestigious Broadway Dance School in New York. Over the last several months it became increasingly apparent that the Canadian couple were inseparable.

We knew they were in throes of a passionate romance when the two women danced together in this viral video.

There seems to be a trend of celesbians casually dropping bombs on us via social media. Didn’t we just learn that Retina Wellesley got engaged via Instagram last month? And didn’t we find out the lovely Lena Waithe was engaged via podcast? It’s completely understandable that a celesbian would want to announce something via social media, rather than through a magazine that will profit off their story, and we at GO are all about it!

We wish this fabulous, gorgeous, interesting, dynamic couple the happiest marriage in all of Lesbo-land and look forward to watching their romance thrive… Through Instagram of course.

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