The Dish: Charlize Theron Kisses a Woman in “Atomic Blonde,” Madonna’s Queer “Her-Story”

This one’s a little sexier than “Monster.”

Happy Thursday! I hope you had a fantastic International Women’s Day. Madonna released this video yesterday that really spoke to my heart.

This Canadian history of IWD includes a lengthy remembrance of lesbians and their role in modern feminism.

These 30 LGBTQ organizations stand with Planned Parenthood.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is coming in April, and you’ll definitely want Hulu for this one.

“Rough Night” has an all-star cast (Zoe Kravitz! Ilana Glazer! ScarJo!) and Kate McKinnon has an interesting accent.

You can now use Yelp to locate businesses with gender-neutral bathrooms.

Laverne Cox will star in a new buddy cop show on ABC, and she’s making history by being cast in a non-trans specific role.

Angélica Lozano is the first openly LGBT person elected to the Colombian Congress, and now she says she’ll run for a seat in the country’s Senate.

Great news! The Utah Legislature passed a bill yesterday repealing a state law prohibiting positive discussions of homosexuality in public and charter schools.

Chef Julia and Vanna Belton are the owners of a Baltimore restaurant, Flavor, and will now be providing the concessions for the Baltimore Center Stage.

Which LGBTQ dating app is for you?

Try not to get teary-eyed watching this. Jennifer and Sam, a couple of 11 years, live in Taiwan where their relationship has been challenged by a lot of people. When Jennifer’s dad refused to walk her down the aisle, her boss at HSBC did so instead.

Willow’s coming out is in this USA Today piece praising all of the magical things “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had to offer.

Today in ridiculous and misleading headlines: “She became a lesbian because sex with men was too painful.”

Former “American Idol” contestant La’Porsha Renae told Twitter followers that she used to be gay, but has since “decided to be heterosexual.”

This week’s “Say Yes to the Dress” follows couple Lisa Rizzo (of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” fame) and Jaime Fedell as they both try to find their dream wedding day look.

Shout out to lesbian surrogates, making dreams come true!

Out actress Brianna Hildebrand talked about coming out and meeting her girlfriend on the set of her queer-themed film “First Girl I Loved” with The Independent:

“It took me a long time, not necessarily to come out, but to understand how I was feeling. It wasn’t planned for me to come out with ‘First Girl’ or anything. I just so happened to have met my current girlfriend on the set,” Hildebrand says of her partner, who was working in the art department of the movie.

At The Washington Post: “The 5 times I wish I’d outed myself as bisexual.”

This profile of out Nigerian activist Pamela Adie is pretty damn inspiring:

“If you are in a situation where your right as a human being is constantly being denied and you are constantly being misrepresented, you cannot sit down in the closet and wait for something to happen,” she told YNaija. “You have to get up and do something. You have to take the bull by the horn. There was just no way I could sit down and just complain everyday and not do anything.”

Someone’s been inside of my dreams because Charlize Theron is kissing a woman in the trailer for her new film, “Atomic Blonde.”

I’ll leave you with that. You’re welcome.

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