Chrishell Stause Corrects Selling Sunset Co-Star Over G Flip’s Pronouns

Stause wasn’t in the mood for bullsh*t.

Do not misgender G Flip in front of their wife Chrishell Stause, thank you very much.

In a new clip from the upcoming season of Netflix’s reality show Selling Sunset, breakout star Stause effortlessly corrects a costar over G Flip’s pronouns…all in the middle of a classic reality TV fight (over lunch at a chic bistro, of course.)

In the teaser clip, Stause and her costar Marie-Loe Nuerk are arguing because Nuerk alleges that Stause didn’t ask her enough questions on their recent trip to Australia (yes, really). Nuerk is Jason Oppenheim’s current girlfriend (Stause’s ex) and insists on having Oppenheim on the phone during the confrontation.

On the phone, Nuerk says to Oppenheim, “I’m here with Chrishell. I think she doesn’t really want to be friends with me. And she told me it’s because I was jealous and I was crying.”

Stause isn’t in the mood for bullshit. She cuts in, “I never said you were jealous, those words never one time came out of my mouth, never one time. You know this is all on camera right? I didn’t just say that.”

Stause continues to shut down Nuerk’s BS but things take a serious brief halt when Nuerk misgenders Stause’s partner, G Flip.

“I really like G a lot, she’s so nice to me,” Nuerk said, comparing Stause’s alleged aloofness to her partners willingness to “ask questions.”

Stause was firm and direct without being judgmental or cruel.

“Okay, my partner is nonbinary, they use they/them pronouns, this is a simple thing,” she said. “This is the depth of our relationship, where the most important person in my life, you don’t know their pronouns. Which is totally fine, but my point is that you also don’t know me. I’m not gonna be your friend, like I don’t have anything in common with you.”

Standing up for your partners pronouns while seamlessly winning TF out of an argument? Stause is a queer reality TV icon. Them called her reaction a “master class” in correcting misgendering.

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