Cameo Lets You Interact Directly With Your Favorite Celesbians — Yes, Really!

Ever wanted to shoot the sh*t with “The L Word” Alice? Now is your chance.

As we move through the second year of a global pandemic that has kept us more isolated than ever, I find myself craving connections with the queer community. I was craving such connections when I came across an article about the video-sharing platform, Cameo, in Entertainment Weekly. Launched in 2017, this website and app allows fans to request and purchase personal video messages and direct messages from more than 35,000 famous actors, athletes, musicians, authors, activists, creators, and comedians. Several celebrities also offer 1-on-1 video chats for an extra fee. 

As a gay woman who is steeped in celesbian culture, I immediately searched the website to see which of my favorite queer celebs were ready to mingle (for a fee). If I could get a personalized video of Sarah Paulson, for example, telling me that I should follow my dreams, admittedly, I would pay big money for that (unfortunately, she is not available). 

But plenty of other amazing celesbians are out there waiting to send you personalized messages. If you’re looking for a celesbian pick-me-up, here are ten queer women who offer interactions — for a price — on Cameo: 

Rebecca Black 

When Rebecca Black’s “Friday” came out in 2011, I was a little bit embarrassed to be named Rebecca. But ever since the 23-year old YouTube star came out as queer in April 2020, I could not be prouder of my name. Recently, Black released a single called “Girlfriend,” which she performed at the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Black joined Cameo back in 2017, and offers personalized videos for $500. 

Fortune Feimster 

Lesbian actor, comedian, and writer Fortune Feimster made her television debut on “Last Comic Standing” in 2010 and became well-known for her role as a writer and roundtable panelist on “Chelsea Lately.” Since then, she has acted in “The Mindy Project,” “Life in Pieces,” “Champions,” and “The L Word: Generation Q,” and even landed a Netflix comedy special, “Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty.” If you are looking for a personalized video message (or maybe even a joke), Feimster charges $95. She will also direct message you for $2.99.

Roxane Gay 

Roxane Gay is one of my favorite writers of all time, and not just because her Twitter is on point. The author of influential books such as “Bad Feminist,” “Ayiti,” “Hunger,” and “Difficult Women,” Gay also started a virtual book club this year to highlight works from “underrepresented American writers” such as Torrey Peters, Dantiel W. Moniz, and Gabriela Garcia.  For $95, Gay will send you a personalized video message, and the proceeds will benefit the World Harvest LA Food Bank.

Laura Jane Grace 

Laura Jane Grace is the founder, songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist for the punk rock band Against Me! and the author of the autobiography, “Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout.” In 2014, Grace also appeared in the ten-part documentary series, “True Trans,” where she interviewed other members of the transgender community about their personal experiences. According to recent reviews from Grace’s Cameo page, she sometimes sings in her personalized video messages, which cost $50.

Dominique Jackson 

Pose is one of the most diverse and transgender-inclusive shows I have ever seen, and I am  devastated that it will be ending later this year after only three seasons. So much of what makes “Pose” great is the utter sass and sarcasm of Elektra Abundance, played by transgender actress and model Dominique Jackson. For $100, Jackson will record a personal video message for your family, friend or loved one, and will send a direct message for $14.99. 

Leisha Hailey 

Alice Pieszecki has always been one of my favorite queer characters of all-time. From her quirky personality and media-savvy nature to her sexy confidence, I always wanted to be just like her — and also probably date her. The same is true about Leisha Hailey, whose podcast with Kate Moennig (PANTS) has become part of my weekly rotation. For $200, Hailey will deliver a personalized video message, and proceeds from the Cameo will be donated to the ACLU’s LGBTQ Rights Project. 

Mary Lambert 

You probably know Mary Lambert from her swoon-worthy single “She Keeps Me Warm,” which was featured in “Same Love,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But as Lambert points out in her Cameo bio: “I do other things like cry in the shower and cry in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.” All kidding aside, Lambert has since released two studio albums, three EPs, and started a podcast with her partner called “The Manic Episodes.” If you want a personalized video message, Lambert will provide one for $100. She also offers direct messages for $2.99. Maybe she could help you finish those sad lesbian love songs you’ve been secretly working on. 

Trace Lysette 

Trace Lysette is an incredible transgender actress who has appeared in “Transparent,” “Pose,” “Hustlers,” and “Disclosure,” and was named by Queerty as one of fifty “individuals who are leading the nation toward equality, acceptance, and dignity for all people.” More recently, she acted as an executive producer for the television documentary series, “Trans in Trumpland,” which chronicles the experience of four transgender individuals living in Trump’s America. On Cameo, Lysette offers personalized video messages for $45 and will send you a direct message for $9.99.

 Niecy Nash

When actress and comedian Niecy Nash came out and married musician Jessica Betts in 2020, I think the entire queer community screamed excitedly in unison. Those wedding pictures were honestly one of the highlights of quarantine. Best known for her television roles on “Clean House,” “Reno 911!,” and “Claws,” Nash will send you a personalized video message for $250. Betts is also on Cameo, where she charges $100 for a video and $19.99 for a direct message. 

Katie Sowers 

To be honest, I am not the biggest sports fan, but I would jump at the chance to talk with Katie Sowers, the first openly gay coach in the NFL and the first female coach in Super Bowl history. For $175, you can receive a personalized video from Sowers, or for $4.99, she will direct message you. Recently, Sowers spoke out about the wave of anti-trans laws banning transgender youth from playing sports, and urged legislators considering these bills to “get to know somebody who is trans, get to know their story, and if you have not yet gotten to know somebody, reach out.”

Certainly, the world is slowly starting to open back up again. But in the meantime, I would be thrilled to interact with any of these celesbians and tell them how much they mean to me.

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