Simone Biles’ Gay Sister Claps Back at Trolls

We have no choice but to stan.

Adria Biles, Simone Biles’ gay younger sister, knows exactly how to handle online trolls.

When Adria posted a photo celebrating the joy and excitement of Simone’s wedding, her sexuality brought in hateful comments.

Adria shared screenshots of homophobic comments on her Instagram story, highlighting the kind of hate that she gets regularly.

Under the picture, a troll wrote, “What went wrong with you, Adria? Are you gay? Who led you down this road?”

“What gay vibes is this, Adria? [Aren’t] you following the culture?” another commented.

“She need[s] to shake this gay shit off. Get your d*mn mind right, Adria,” someone else wrote.

This kind of hate is unfortunately not new for Adria, especially when she posts pictures with her girlfriend, softball player Janae Jefferson.

However, despite the negativity, Adria doesn’t let it phase her.

“I love me a hater,” she wrote in a response, with two laughing emojis. She later added, “bro, forreal, please do not come on my page with this. I will block and/or cuss you out depending on my mood.”

Adria was on the show Claim To Fame, where relatives of celebrities compete to keep their identity a secret. After the show aired, she officially came out and posted a picture with Jefferson.

On her IG story, Adria posted a Q&A sticker, allowing fans to ask her questions. When asked about her sexuality, Adria wrote, “a hundred percent lesbian.”

Fans asked how her family took the news, and Adria shared that it was a positive experience. “When I did, everyone said, ‘They knew,’” she said. “They were super supportive; I love them,” she added.

Despite the haters and being in the public eye, Adria continues to be confident in her sexuality and in herself. We have no choice but to stan!

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