Bicon Victoria Monét Brings Back Y2K Sexy Tomboy

Nothing makes the girls swoon like a tomboy.

Bisexual R&B singer Victoria Monét brings back the best of early 2000’s in her brand new music video for her song “On My Mama.”

Drawing inspo from early Ciara and Beyoncé, the music video opens with Monét rocking baggy low-rise jeans with a red thong peaking out and pairs it with a red bra top and impossibly cropped jacket, topping it off with a red LA Dodgers flat-brim hat. She walks through a house party with her 00’s styled crew before cutting to a parking lot where she and her back-up dancers are dancing on top of low-riders with truck beds, wearing TLC-inspired attire. The outfits don’t stop there; next she’s all dolled up with her girls in a classic basketball jersey dress and gets down with the boys in mega-oversized white tee, varsity jacket, and jeans.

It’s not just the lyrics that are giving us early 2000’s. The first line, “when they say, ‘she get it from her mama'”, is in reference to the name of the song, but it could also be a nod to Juvenile’s 2001 song “From Her Mamma (Mamma Got Ass).” She purrs “ladies is pimps tonight” in the first bridge, which might be a nod to Jay-Z’s lyrics “ladies is pimps too” in his 2003 hit “Dirt Off Your Shoulders.” The more obvious sample, however, is in the chorus of the song, which comes from Texas rapper Chalie Boy’s 2009 “I Look Good.” He even makes a cameo in the end of the video while the original song plays in the background.

This whole music video is clearly a love letter to early 2000’s hip-hop and R&B, featuring top-notch choreo from choreographer Sean Bankhead. It’s also a love letter to her family, as both her mom and her daughter make an appearance.

On our own mama, we are obsessed with this perfect time capsule homage of a music video.

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