Captivating Couples 2012

This year, we celebrate couples who have taken the plunge and tied the knot—legally. Hailing from the tri-state area and beyond, measuring the length of their relationships in months as well as decades, they embody what courage, commitment and love are all about.

Annie & Liz
Kingston, NY
Annie, 28, gemologist/stay-at-home mom
Liz, 31, math teacher, coach, LGBTQ youth mentor

It’s been almost four years since Annie and Liz fell madly in love after a chance online encounter. This couple defines themselves as a classic case of opposites attract. “Liz is the mathematical, logical side of things, and I am the creative free thinker. What I am lacking, she provides; and vice versa,” Annie says. The two married in Boston in May 2009 when Annie was four months pregnant—“The joke was, we were having a ‘shotgun’ wedding because I was knocked up!” Though Annie and Liz have different M.O.s, they both agree on what’s most important: raising their toddler Brooke. After growing up in Ireland with two lesbian moms herself, Annie finds family life to be a blessing and gladly gave up a burgeoning career in gemology to be a stay at home mom. “Liz and I love each other so deeply, and we completely believe in our commitment, our marriage. Our daughter is the joy of our lives. We are so blessed!”

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