Captivating Couples 2012

This year, we celebrate couples who have taken the plunge and tied the knot—legally. Hailing from the tri-state area and beyond, measuring the length of their relationships in months as well as decades, they embody what courage, commitment and love are all about.

Andrea & Alice
Brooklyn, NY
Andrea, 40s, photographer
Alice, 40s, industrial designer

Proving that online dating isn’t always a shot in the dark, Brooklynites Andrea and Alice knew they’d met the one as early as their first date. Their initial encounter involved rice pudding, drinking tea, spinning the Astor Place cube around and laughing so much that they didn’t notice time going by. Two years later, in early 2011, they got engaged—though New York was still five months away from legalizing same-sex marriage. “We fought hard for the right to marry in this city we love so much, where we’ve both lived for over 20 years,” they say. After getting the license at the Manhattan City Clerk’s office on July 24, 2011, they sealed the deal with a colorful ceremony that September at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, with 80 friends and family members in attendance. “We smiled so hugely as we walked down the aisle that our faces almost exploded,” they remember, recalling the afternoon filled with song, poetry and special vows. “As we walked out after the ceremony, all around us were smiling faces with tears streaming down.” Andrea and Alice are still in the honeymoon phase, which we bet will last for quite a while. “We both have senses of humor, which adds so much to our life together,” they beam. “We are always able to step back a little and laugh.”

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